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Ah, here. Is it a tam-tam? Is this the scream I think it is? In these spoiler-phobic times, we’re probably not allowed to reveal the song played at the end of the last mega-villain origin story, but let’s just say we would have sooner forgiven the red buses crossing Tower Bridge at London Calling. It’s so obvious, embarrassing (woo, woo!).

Be careful, they may not have had a choice. Maybe there was nothing else left. By the time this absurdly too long and quite entertaining madness comes to an end, it feels like every recorded piece of music released between the Profumo scandal and Princess Diana’s wedding has been aired. Poor old Cruella de Vil – because she is – can barely clean her teeth without extracts from Deep Purple or the Ohio Players beating time with the movement of her brush.

Which isn’t to say that such sequences aren’t fun. Any aging music purist deceived by the publicized idea that Cruella is a tribute to punk (or “punk rawk” perhaps) will be disillusioned long before the appearance of long-canceled non-people like ELO or Supertramp. Even the bores can, however, appreciate how the ocher action vibrates to the rhythm of the nutty brown beats.

Disney is not true to its time. No version of punk can make sense in a 1970s so stripped of rubbish, poverty, unemployment and dissent. But Disney is true to itself. There are more Mary Poppins than Angry Brigades in this London. And it’s good. Quite family-friendly, reasonably funny throughout, Craig Gillespie’s film, which takes great advantage of Jenny Beavan’s fabulous costumes, carries on the Mouse House tradition of restructuring the historic vibe – Mary’s 1910s for example – by as an easily digestible wonderland. There is corporate genius out there.

Sadly, these sleek production values ​​don’t do much to resolve the unsolvable dilemma the studio has set for itself. After One Hundred and One Dalmatians, an animated delight from 1961, and the terrible live-action remake of 1996 (almost certainly now re-rated as a classic by people who were then children), the image seeks to make a girl. friendly feminist between the two. -the boss of a puppy-killer psychopath.

Cruella acts as the result of an endless script conference that only generated partial answers to the questions posed.

Emma Stone, charismatic despite a shaky accent, plays something more empathetic than an antihero. She is funny. She’s lovely. His greatest sins are in the art of mischievous performance. Although controversy has formed around the psychological undergrowth of Joker, this film has never attempted to claim that its protagonist was anything other than a malicious demon.

Cruella acts as the result of an endless script conference that only generated partial answers to the questions posed. Maybe it’s Batman. Let’s give it a similar trauma in the opening scenes. No, Cruella de Vil did not use questionable methods for potentially justifiable purposes. She was just mean.

What about the medically questionable movie staple that is Multiple Personality Disorder? We could play on this black and white hairstyle to suggest that the decent Estella (Great Expectations benchmark?), Raised by the kind Emily Beacham in modest circumstances, finds herself in internal war with the malignant Cruella. But Cruella de Vil was Cruella de Vil the whole time and we still have to whip the evil version like a ‘kick-ass’ heroine. No one will pump their fist for little Estella.

The less bad solution here is to give all of the traditional Cruella moves to Emma Thompson as the ever dreadful baroness. Around the opening catastrophe, the powerful fashion designer becomes a presence in Estella / Cruella’s later life when the young woman takes her first steps in the rag trade. The Duchess is rude. She is naughty. She is potentially deadly. Ring bells? If the film and its protagonist had another name, critics would still call the Baroness a “Cruella de Vil type”.

Maybe all of this will make sense for the sequel implicitly promised in the closing credits. The endless script meeting continues.

Woo woo!

On Disney + from May 28.

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The integration will allow Livestream Body Cam Video dispatchers https://personal-model-management.com/the-integration-will-allow-livestream-body-cam-video-dispatchers/ https://personal-model-management.com/the-integration-will-allow-livestream-body-cam-video-dispatchers/#respond Thu, 13 May 2021 04:47:50 +0000 https://personal-model-management.com/the-integration-will-allow-livestream-body-cam-video-dispatchers/

Axon, the largest provider of body cameras for law enforcement in the United States, integrates with emergency data start-up RapidSOS.

The integration goes both ways, which means that:

  • Emergency responders will be able to use Axon software to access RapidSOS data such as the location of the 911 caller, and
  • Dispatchers will be able to use RapidSOS to access Axon data, including video streaming from Axon devices such as body cameras and on-board cameras.

“Many agencies already rely on Axon and RapidSOS to manage emergency response,” said Jeff Kunins, chief product officer and executive vice president of software at Axon in a commentary. Press release. “By allowing our solutions to work together seamlessly, we give first responders a single source for mission-critical information, as well as the ability to deliver cutting-edge tools for agencies to manage more securely and more efficiently. resources and thus respond faster than ever. ”

The partnership is in the wheelhouse of RapidSOS, whose business model involves integration with other suppliers to provide data from their devices and software to dispatchers and emergency responders. The idea is that by doing so, emergency responders can find the people they are trying to help more quickly and be better informed of the situation when they arrive.

The ability to access live streamed videos is somewhat new, however. Traditionally, law enforcement had to download video from their cameras by connecting them to physical hardware. Axon’s new software launched in August, called Axon Respond, opens the cameras for live streaming.

RapidSOS works with 4,800 emergency communications centers around the world, while Axon is the supplier of body cameras for most of the largest police departments in the United States

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You can now see the images of the Tesla Model 3 dash camera on its screen https://personal-model-management.com/you-can-now-see-the-images-of-the-tesla-model-3-dash-camera-on-its-screen/ https://personal-model-management.com/you-can-now-see-the-images-of-the-tesla-model-3-dash-camera-on-its-screen/#respond Thu, 13 May 2021 04:47:50 +0000 https://personal-model-management.com/you-can-now-see-the-images-of-the-tesla-model-3-dash-camera-on-its-screen/

  • We have updated our Tesla Model 3 in the long run to the latest software version 10.2, which includes the ability to view past images from the dashcam and Sentry mode on the car screen.
  • Images are recorded from cameras located on the front, sides and rear of the Model 3.
  • The update also added the ability to identify the number of downed Supercharger booths.

    Our long term Tesla Model 3 2019 has eight cameras – three on the front, two on each side, and one on the rear – used for the autopilot function, the Sentry mode security system, and the dash camera function. These images are now accessible directly from the Model 3’s 15-inch touchscreen with the latest software update (version 10.2, 2020.12.5).

    Connor hoffmanCar and driver

    To view the clips, tap the dashcam icon at the top right of the screen (it looks like a small camera) while the car is parked. From there, you always have the option to record footage, or you can click “Launch Viewer” to view the recorded clips. If the car is running, touching the icon will permanently record the just before and after clips, which is useful if the car is in a crash. These clips are stored on the owner’s USB drive, which can be plugged into one of the two ports inside the center console. Prior to that, in what was a surprisingly clumsy execution, the USB drive had to be removed from the car and viewed on another device. And Tesla owners are already clamoring for the next improvement: being able to view images remotely, for example via the Tesla app.

    Once the dashcam viewer is opened, all recorded clips are displayed in a list and are labeled with the date and time of the recorded footage. Owners can switch between all recorded clips or just Sentry mode or dashcam clips. Once selected, the footage will automatically play and the user can toggle which camera angle is the primary view via boxes at each corner of the screen. To see further into the video or replay something, slide your finger over the slider at the bottom of the viewer. Here, images can also be deleted by touching the trash can icon at the bottom right of the screen.

    In addition to the Sentry Mode dashcam and viewer, the update also added the ability to identify the number of failed Supercharger chocks in a station. To view stand availability, simply tap the Supercharger station pin on the map.

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Top 15 Best Gifts for Father’s Day https://personal-model-management.com/top-15-best-gifts-for-fathers-day/ https://personal-model-management.com/top-15-best-gifts-for-fathers-day/#respond Thu, 13 May 2021 04:47:50 +0000 https://personal-model-management.com/top-15-best-gifts-for-fathers-day/

It’s hard to believe, but Father’s Day is just around the corner. Even though it feels like 2021 fair started. Father’s Day arrives on June 20 this year and we’re here to help you find the best gifts.

It may seem a bit early to start talking about Father’s Day gifts, but with the many tech shortages happening this year, it’s never too early to start planning. In this gift guide, we’re going to have the best Father’s Day gifts, from soundbars and TVs to everything in between.

Top 15 Best Gifts for Father’s Day

Below, you’ll find all of the freebies on this list, and if you scroll further down, you can find out more about each product. These range from just $ 35 to around $ 700. So there is something here for everyone’s budget.

Chromecast with Google TV

6425976 sd

Chromecast with Google TV is a great option for dads who like to watch TV. Google released it at the end of 2020, and it’s a great way to cut the cord and watch a lot of great content.

One of the best features of Google TV is being able to get home screen recommendations, of different genres, on all the apps installed on your Chromecast. It also offers live TV programs for YouTube TV, if you use it.

Of course, it works on Android TV, so all your favorite apps are available here. This includes Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, STARZ, Showtime, and more. And it’s just $ 50.

Chromecast with Google TV – Best Buy

Jabra Elite 85t

81sOW3KB1NL AC SL1500

The Jabra Elite 85t are the latest version of one of the best pairs of true wireless headphones on the market. The Elite 85t offers truly incredible battery life. With around five and a half hours of continuous playback and around 25 hours with the included carrying case.

Jabra lets you customize the sound of the Elite 85t with the MyControls app. So you can add bass or boost the treble if you want. But by default, the sound of the Elite 85t is already really impressive. And Jabra also has six mics included on these headphones, so you can receive crystal clear calls without worrying about getting a lot of background noise.

Jabra Elite 85t – Amazon


51irVXBTIrL AC SL1500

NVIDIA SHIELD TV is very similar to Chromecast with Google TV, but a bit more powerful. It doesn’t yet have the Google TV interface, but it does happen.

SHIELD TV runs on Android TV, giving you access to a host of great apps including Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Disney +, and more. It also has the ability to stream, as well as the included Google Assistant.

What sets SHIELD TV apart is that it can also be used as a game console. You can play through NVIDIA GeForce Now and play all kinds of games on your TV. Which is great news since buying a PS5 is still almost impossible.


Oculus Quest 2

615YaAiA ML SL1500

Who wouldn’t love to get an Oculus Quest 2? This is the latest virtual reality headset from Oculus (owned by Facebook). And it’s available in 64GB or 256GB models. The 256GB model is $ 399. We recommend getting the 256GB model, especially if you’re going to be playing a lot of games.

It’s a standalone VR headset, so you don’t need to plug it into a computer to play games and the like. Which is really a good thing here. And makes it much more convenient.

Oculus Quest 2 – Amazon

Google Nest Cam Indoor

71CB6UiirBL AC SL1500

If your Pops loves smart home products, the Nest Cam Indoor is a great option. This will allow him to keep an eye on the house when he is not at home. It offers 1080p video feed, with a 130 degree field of view. Make it easier to view an entire room.

The Nest Cam Indoor also works with the Google Assistant. And you can even see your home feed on your smartphone or the Nest Hub (and Google TV / Android TV). It’s even easier to keep tabs on what’s going on.

Nest Cam Indoor – Amazon

Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller

71nVGUos2L AC SL1500

The Rachio 3 smart sprinkler controller is a pretty unique gift to get this year. This is exactly what it sounds like, a smart sprinkler, so you can control when your lawn is watered, and in which areas, from your smartphone.

It works with Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Homekit as well as Google Assistant and Nest. So you can also control it from your voice.

Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller – Amazon

eero Pro 6

41S5zsi6xL SL1001

The eero Pro 6 is a great option, if your dad complains about the slow internet. Or if he has a lot of smart home products in his house. As the eero Pro 6 will help you in both cases. We chose the Pro version over the standard eero 6 because it is more future proof, supporting speeds of up to 1 Gbps.

This is the eero Pro 6 three-pack, which is why it costs $ 599. But that will cover up to 6,000 square feet. This means that you can easily cover your home with Internet coverage.

eero Pro 6 – Amazon

Sonos One (2nd generation)

81j5P1FYmaL AC SL1500

The Sonos One (Gen 2) is another great option for Dad this Father’s Day when it comes to gifts. This new second generation model of the Sonos One has better microphones and also works a bit better with AirPlay 2. The cool thing about Sonos is that you can use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Instead of it being one or the other.

The audio quality of the Sonos One is also very good. For a cute little speaker, it definitely packs a punch. And works great with other Sonos speakers for a multi-room setup in your home.

Sonos One (2nd generation) – Amazon

65-inch TCL 4K QLED Roku TV Series 6

91CXxVtVkAL AC SL1500

  • Price: $ 1099
  • Or buy: Amazon

It might be the best Roku TV you can buy right now. This is TCL Series 6 which is a QLED TV running on Roku.

With QLED you will get a really impressive picture here. The few deep blacks and the really crisp colors. It also supports HDR, HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision. Finally, the TCL 6 series also has a THX certified game mode, which makes it ideal for pairing with a PS5 or Xbox Series X.

TCL 65-inch 4K QLED 4K Roku TV – Amazon

Anova Culinary AN500-US00 Vacuum Precision Cooker


A secret in professional kitchens for decades, sous vide works by circulating heated water in a pan at a very precise temperature according to the desired cooking of your food, keeping it there for the duration of the cooking. your cooking for exceptional results. With only 3º making the difference between a rare steak and a medium rare steak, precision is essential in the kitchen.

This simple and accessible technique eliminates overcooked and desiccated foods and ensures edge-to-edge perfection with every cooking!

Anova Culinary AN500-US00 Precision Sous Vide Cooker – Amazon

Garmin Forerunner 35

7133myENT8L AC SL1500

It’s a great gift for dads who are runners too.

The Forerunner 35 is thin and light – perfect for daily runs, training and racing. It integrates heart rate on the wrist as well as a GPS that tracks your distance, pace, intervals and more. And since all of these stats are captured by the watch, your watch is all you need – no phone, no chest strap. Just put on the Forerunner 35 and go.

Garmin Forerunner 35 – Amazon

Ninja FG551 Foodi Smart XL

81m2zZF2jnL AC SL1500

  • Price: $ 249
  • Where to buy: Amazon

The Ninja Foodi Smart XL makes a great gift, whatever the occasion. I own it myself and love it.

The Ninja Foodi Smart XL is capable of grilling, air frying, roasting, baking and more, all in one device. It also has a thermometer included, so you can see when your food is ready.

It’s big enough at around four quarts and big enough for four to six steaks, depending on the size of the steak.

Ninja Foodi Smart XL – Amazon

DJI Air 2S

61OQEmuM6hL AC SL1500

The DJI Air 2s features a 1 inch CMOS sensor, powerful stand-alone functions and a compact body weighing less than 21 oz., DJI Air 2S is the ultimate drone for creators on the move. Take this all-in-one aerial powerhouse anywhere to experience and record your world in stunning detail.

It’s a great drone to grab for content, especially if you’re looking to get started with YouTube and get some pretty shots.

DJI Air 2S – Amazon

Sonos Arc

61mnsKw0dyL AC SL1500

The Sonos Arc has been pretty hard to find since its release last year. So if you are planning to get it for Father’s Day, you better plan early. As the shipments are being delivered approximately 2-3 weeks.

Sonos Arc is currently one of the best soundbars on the planet. Sure, it works great with the rest of the Sonos ecosystem, but it also has Dolby Atmos built in, which can really shake your home.

Sonos Arc – Sonos.com

Google Nest Hub

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This is Google’s second-generation Nest Hub, and it works great with a number of smart home products. It also works well on a desktop playing music, showing YouTube, and even asking all kinds of Google Assistant questions.

It would also work well in a bedroom, as there is no camera. Instead, it uses other sensors to see what’s going on in the room. Including the ability to track your sleep. Which is pretty cool.

Google Nest Hub – Walmart

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Ring Announces New Line of Car Security Cameras https://personal-model-management.com/ring-announces-new-line-of-car-security-cameras/ https://personal-model-management.com/ring-announces-new-line-of-car-security-cameras/#respond Thu, 13 May 2021 04:47:50 +0000 https://personal-model-management.com/ring-announces-new-line-of-car-security-cameras/

Ring has announced its first foray into products intended for use outside the home with a new line of security cameras designed for cars. The new Car Cam, Car Alarm and Car Connect systems fit into the same Ring app that supports home security alarm, video doorbells, and company security cameras, and provides owners with live alerts. case of attempted break-in. The new products should be available from next year.

Ring founder Jamie Siminoff explains that the reason for expanding into the automotive market is the response to customers who have asked for ways to secure their vehicles the same way they do at home with Ring products.

The $ 59.99 car alarm is the simplest of devices – it plugs into your car’s OBD-II diagnostic port and sends alerts to your phone when it detects a break-in someone is trying to tow the vehicle or if another vehicle hits your car. The car alarm has a built-in siren that can be triggered remotely, and it can be linked with other Ring or Alexa devices to sound alerts when an event is detected.

For connectivity, Car Alarm uses its parent company Amazon’s new Sidewalk network, which was announced last year and is starting to see real products and developments on it now. Amazon says Sidewalk will official launch later this year.

Images from the Ring Car Cam can be viewed in the Ring mobile app.
Photo: ring

The $ 199.99 Car Cam is Ring’s first outside-of-home camera and has the ability to record both inside and outside the car. When mounted on a car’s dashboard, the Car Cam has one camera pointed at the front windshield and another that points towards the interior of the car. Like the car alarm, the car camera can send alerts whenever an event such as a burglary, tow, or accident is detected, and owners can access camera feeds to see what is happening. . The Car Cam relies on Wi-Fi or LTE for connectivity.

In addition, the Car Cam has the ability to automatically ping first responders in the event of a “serious crash”. Another feature called “Stop Traffic” allows homeowners to say “Alexa, I’m intercepted” to trigger the cameras to start recording and saving their footage to the cloud. Finally, Ring says there are built-in privacy features, such as a physical camera shutter and the ability to electronically disable indoor video and audio recording.

Since so many cars already have built-in cameras – in fact, backup cameras have been mandatory on all new cars in the US since 2018 – Ring developed the Car Connect platform to integrate these existing cameras into its system. . The platform is a set of APIs for automakers that allow owners to receive event alerts, view recorded images, and see if the car is locked or unlocked.

Ring Car Connect for Tesla
Image: Ring

Ring says he’s working with many automakers to strengthen support for the system, but the first partnership he’s announcing is with Tesla. Owners of Models 3, X, S, and Y who have Sentry Mode enabled will be able to install a device in their cars that will allow them to connect to the car’s existing cameras and view footage.

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Buffalo Bills 2021 Rookie Class Recap https://personal-model-management.com/buffalo-bills-2021-rookie-class-recap/ https://personal-model-management.com/buffalo-bills-2021-rookie-class-recap/#respond Thu, 13 May 2021 04:47:50 +0000 https://personal-model-management.com/buffalo-bills-2021-rookie-class-recap/

With less than 72 hours of the final 2021 NFL Draft pick, the Buffalo Bills certainly look better than they did a year ago. Fans wondered if the Buffalo Bills actually got better on paper. While it might not have been in the areas many of us were hoping for, this draft class definitely made the team better.

Yes, it’s disappointing that Bills didn’t draft Cornerback in the first two days of the draft. However, there were other positions on the list that required depth. For example, I didn’t take the need for the swing tackle too seriously. I was greeted with a backhand to the face by Brandon Beane, general manager of the Buffalo Bills, who wrote back-to-back offensive tackles. It goes to show that what we Bills fans want for the team rarely matches what the people who actually run the ship want to do.

Buffalo Bills Round 1 – Pick 30

When the Bills were up to 30 picks, I was really hoping for an Edge Rusher or a Cornerback. Asante Samuel Jr. and Joe Tryon were both available and had met with the Bills during the pre-draft process. Seeing them on the board gave me tunnel vision. When I saw that the Buffalo Bills decided to write Greg Rousseau, I was disappointed. However, after some time to think about it, I was delighted because Rousseau has a lot of untapped potential.

Even though it wasn’t the best name for my big board, I certainly understand why it was the choice. Yes, it only has one year of production. However, this was his first year playing this position and he produced on a very large scale. He was still able to count more than 15 sacks in a season without sophisticated techniques. I might have caught someone more polite, but I really like the draft pick in hindsight. That says a lot about the culture that has been instilled in the organization of the Buffalo Bills. Writing an unfinished product like Rousseau works for both the player and for the team. Plugging Rousseau into a culture like Buffalo allows him to become the best version of himself.

Buffalo Bills Round 2 – Pick 61

As much as drafting ruffled Edge Rushers back-to-back feathers, I was delighted to see the Carlos Basham Jr. Bills Draft Basham was one of the first I looked at and he ticked all the boxes for me.

In my humble opinion, I think he may be one of the best Edge Rushers in this draft class. I think the main reason he’s lasted so long is because of his age. At 23 already, the teams might have feared that Basham was already a finished product. However, for bills it is a good thing. After drafting Rousseau in the first round, Basham feels comfortable with the high stage he offers as a rookie.

Buffalo Bills Round 3 – Pick 93

As I mentioned before, a backup Swing Tackle wasn’t high on my personal priority list for the Buffalo Bills heading into this draft. However, writing Spencer Brown makes a lot of sense from a team-building standpoint. Protecting the QB franchise is as important as securing the weapons for your QB franchise. If he is not standing he cannot bring the ball to these weapons.

Although the Buffalo Bills have re-signed Daryl Williams this offseason, there is potential built into the contract. There is no guarantee that Williams will be able to double his season last year. Brown is an insurance policy for Daryl Williams’ injury and potential regression in 2021.

Buffalo Bills 5th Round – Pick 161

I might have been okay with writing back-to-back rushes, but I was definitely confused with the direction of the project after Bills drafted Tommy Doyle. I love the perspective, but it just doesn’t make sense to me. With Dawkins, Williams and Brown on the roster, it seemed like a waste of choice.

However, Daryl Williams is not guaranteed to be on this list in 2022. Therefore, Spencer Brown could be promoted to the title of Right Tackle in 2022, which would make Tommy Doyle the next man as a Swing Tackle replacement on the list. Yes, it would have been nice to pass that choice on to someone who would have a more direct path to playtime. That said, it’s heartwarming to know that Beane and McDermott are building a model of lasting success rather than mortgaging it. ‘to come up.

Buffalo Bills 6th Round – Pick 203

When the Buffalo Bills traded the 174th pick with the Houston Texans, I was thrilled. I saw this as an opportunity for Brandon Beane to start attacking the various positions that were marked as areas for improvement. But before that, he decided to keep his eyes on the future when he drafted Marquez Stevenson.

Stevenson is a burner who brings a versatile skill set to the next level. He has the ability to operate primarily out of the lunge, threatening as a deep threat on the border, and returning kicks. It’s too early to tell, but Stevenson could find himself in a heated training camp battle with Isaiah McKenzie. Even if he loses this battle, he is eligible for the practice squad and can take McKenzie’s place in 2022.

Buffalo Bills 6th Round – Pick 212

Maybe my favorite pick in the 2021 Buffalo Bills Draft was Safety Damar Hamlin. After losing Dean Marlowe to the Detroit Lions in free agency, there was a vacancy in the security post. Hamlin comes in as a very experienced and productive collegiate security. He is a very complete player who does nothing well but who does not have any glaring weaknesses either.

Hamlin will primarily serve as injury insurance for Micah Hyde and / or Jordan Poyer. As much as I love Hamlin, I hope this never has to happen. However, I think Hamlin also allows the Bills to use more defensive packages that include 3 guarantees. It has the versatility to back up in the racing game, play in the nickel, or roll back as deep security. This versatility allows Bills to be more creative with their coverage plans in the future.

Buffalo Bills 6th Round – Pick 213

After patiently waiting, the Buffalo Bills finally drafted a Cornerback with their third sixth-round selection. Rachad Wildgoose wasn’t someone I knew too well, but it was fun getting to know his game. He’s a very physical Cornerback who likes to make his presence felt.

He may not be an immediate contender for the CB2 competition, but he will contribute to the bully identity the Buffalo Bills are trying to create. Wildgoose plays a tough brand of football, which can be felt most immediately as a Nickel Corner and / or in special teams. Wildgoose showed me a glimpse of the ability to contribute as a Boundary Corner, but it may take a little while before the coaching staff gives him that role as the opposite of White.

Buffalo Bills 7th Round – Pick 236

The inside offensive line was another group of positions that were seen as a top priority for the Buffalo Bills entering the draft. However, they waited to fix it with the last choice. That being said, I think Jack Anderson has found a great choice.

Anderson is yet another player who makes his presence known to his opponents. He has the flexibility of position to play guard post and center. Ideally, he can compete for one of the two starting guard posts. If he doesn’t win any of those gigs, he can still come in and be a great substitute for Mitch Morse at the center position.

Buffalo Bills 2021 Draft Class Recap

The outcome of this Buffalo Bills draft class gives me a clear picture. In the past, the Bills felt more comfortable taking players with big jobs and good production to college. In 2021, Bills seemed comfortable adding top athletes. I think it’s because they believe in the culture of the organization. Whether you’re a 1st round pick, a 7th round pick, or an undrafted free agent, you need to earn your place on the team. This blue collar mentality really makes everyone the best version of themselves.

Plus, they believe in the coaching staff to hone the talent of these raw athletes. in 2021 the Buffalo Bills were certainly trying to add athleticism and they succeeded. You can train pattern, technique, and situational football, but you cannot teach athletics. With a full roster already in place, these recruits shouldn’t be contributing heavily in the first year. Rookie contributions are always welcome, but that patience is a luxury the Buffalo Bills have this year.

Summary of air raid hours

Last night on Time for the air raid, we were honored to be joined by NFL Draft Diamonds owner Damond Talbot. In addition to getting his reaction to the 2021 Buffalo Bills draft class, we talked about the unwritten free agents that Bills managed to sign. We also got his thoughts on the Buffalo Bills picking up fifth year options over Josh Allen and Tremaine Edmunds. Damond has an incredible wealth of knowledge about football in general and the Buffalo Bills in particular.

Now that the NFL Draft is behind us, we haven’t finished the show with our regular simulation project. Instead, we asked Damond about a few little school prospects to keep on our radar for 2022. If you missed us live, you can see the replay linked and embedded above. You don’t want to be missed as we turn the page on the draft and start breaking down the 2021 Buffalo Bills roster.

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Samsung’s next phones to launch with 65W fast charging? https://personal-model-management.com/samsungs-next-phones-to-launch-with-65w-fast-charging/ https://personal-model-management.com/samsungs-next-phones-to-launch-with-65w-fast-charging/#respond Thu, 13 May 2021 04:47:50 +0000 https://personal-model-management.com/samsungs-next-phones-to-launch-with-65w-fast-charging/

(Pocket-lint) – Samsung is working on a fast charging adapter that could rival the likes of Oppo and Oneplus, providing 65 W of power to a smartphone.

Mentions of this 65W charger have appeared in several places. More recently, it was listed in India’s BIS database which works the same as FCC or TENAA, in that consumer tech products must be certified before they can be released for sale in India.

The listed adapter – model number EP-TA865 – was also photographed earlier in the year, the image subsequently improved and released by LetsGoDigital.

Looking at the markings on this adapter, its maximum output is 20V / 3.25A, which would make it a 65W adapter, similar – but not identical – to SuperVOOC 2.0 and Warp Charge flash charging technology. 65W used by Oppo and OnePlus.

If its performance is similar to that of the technology used by popular Chinese brands, it could mean the ability to fully charge a Samsung phone to more than double the speed of its current 25W adapters.

While the 65W adapter certainly looks like the real deal, there’s no information on the product it’s designed for.

The obvious suggestion is the Note 21, but given Samsung’s decision to follow Apple’s lead and not include adapters in some of its recent phone booths, it would be unusual for it to change its mind.

It may well be that it will equip smartphones with the ability to charge quickly using this adapter, but then only sell it separately to those who really want it.

Regardless of how it is packaged by Samsung, the clear indication is that the company is fighting against its biggest competitors in the Android market. This would see Samsung competing in an area it hasn’t done for a few years.

Written by Cam Bunton.

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Redmi Note 10S with Helio G95 and MIUI 12.5, Redmi Watch launched in India: specifications, features, price and everything you need to know https://personal-model-management.com/redmi-note-10s-with-helio-g95-and-miui-12-5-redmi-watch-launched-in-india-specifications-features-price-and-everything-you-need-to-know/ https://personal-model-management.com/redmi-note-10s-with-helio-g95-and-miui-12-5-redmi-watch-launched-in-india-specifications-features-price-and-everything-you-need-to-know/#respond Thu, 13 May 2021 04:47:50 +0000 https://personal-model-management.com/redmi-note-10s-with-helio-g95-and-miui-12-5-redmi-watch-launched-in-india-specifications-features-price-and-everything-you-need-to-know/

Redmi Note 10S is a revamped Redmi Note 10 with updated processor, main camera and MIUI 12.5, while Redmi Watch is Redmi’s first smartwatch in India. (Photo credit: Saurabh Singh / Financial Express)

XiaomiRedmi’s Redmi launched the Redmi Note 10S and Redmi Watch in India on Thursday. While the Redmi Note 10S is a redesign Redmi Note 10 With an updated MediaTek Helio G95 SoC, MIUI 12.5 software and a more powerful 64MP main camera, Redmi Watch is Redmi’s first smartwatch in the country. The price of the Redmi Note 10S India starts at Rs 14,999 and will be available from May 18th. Redmi Watch will be available from May 25 for Rs 3,999.

The Redmi Note 10S is notably the fourth phone of the Redmi Note 10 series and locations between the Redmi Note 10 and the Redmi Note 10 Pro. This is basically the Redmi Note 10 with a different processor, a main camera and a “minimum” of 6GB of RAM – something Xiaomi seems to be putting forward. For context, the Note 10 comes with 4 GB of RAM by default and reaches 6 GB.

Read also | Meet Mi 11 Ultra, Xiaomi’s most ambitious product in India with the world’s largest smartphone camera sensor

Another flagship feature of the Note 10S seems to be the software. It is the first Xiaomi phone in India to come with MIUI 12.5 out of the box, although it is not the final version. Xiaomi calls it “provisional” MIUI 12.5. It has all the key elements related to performance and efficiency, but does not include its selection feature, which is the ability to uninstall and remove a lot of preloaded apps. The phone will get it soon via an OTA update. Xiaomi previously claimed that MIUI 12.5 is better than iOS 14.5 and Samsung’s latest One UI with less first-party bloatware.

Redmi Note 10S, Launch of Redmi Smartwatch in India, Redmi Note 10S, Price of Redmi Smartwatch in IndiaRedmi Watch will be available from May 25 for Rs 3,999. (Photo credit: Saurabh Singh / Financial Express)

As for the Redmi watch, it is Redmi’s second wearable fitness device in India after the Redmi Band. While still not a full-fledged smartwatch, given its low price tag and slightly better spec sheet, it’s a no-brainer for anyone looking to upgrade. At its price, the Redmi Watch will compete with a slew of Amazfit devices, and there are already quite a few in India.

Redmi Note 10S, Redmi Watch price, availability

Redmi Note 10S was launched in India at a price of Rs 14,999 for the base variant with 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. The 6GB / 128GB variant of the phone was launched at Rs 15,999. It will be available for purchase on Mi.com, Amazon, Mi Home and Mi Studio stock May 18.

Redmi Watch launched at Rs 3,999 and will be available on Mi.com, Flipkart, Mi Homes and Mi Studios from May 25.

Redmi Note 10S, specifications, features of the Redmi watch

The Note 10S has a 6.43-inch 1080p Super AMOLED display that can, at least in theory, peak at 1100 nits like the Note 10. There is no HDR support or high refresh rate. as the Note 10 Pro / Note 10 Pro Max. For protection it has Corning Gorilla Glass 3. Design and construction materials have been removed as is from Note 10 although there is a new blue colourway that is exclusive to this model. There is a side fingerprint reader for biometrics. To complete the package, two speakers and high-resolution audio support.

Under the hood, the phone has an 8-core 12nm Helio G95 SoC with up to 6GB of LPDDR4X RAM and up to 128GB of USF2.2 storage (expandable). For photography, it has a four-camera setup with a primary 64MP (sensor not specified since Xiaomi relies on multiple vendors), an 8MP ultra-wide angle and two 2MP cameras, one for depth and another for macros. Up front, it has a 13MP camera. The Note 10S additionally has a 5000mAh battery with 33W fast charging.

Redmi Note 10S, Launch of Redmi Smartwatch in India, Redmi Note 10S, Price of Redmi Smartwatch in IndiaThe price of Redmi Note 10S India starts at Rs 14,999. (Photo credit: Saurabh Singh / Financial Express)

Redmi Watch has a 1.4 inch TFT LCD screen with a resolution of 320 × 320 pixels and a brightness of 480 nits. There is an ambient light sensor in the smartwatch to automatically adjust the brightness based on your surroundings, although there is no always-on feature (which is understandable at this price). The option to wake up to wake up is available. The watch can be personalized with more than 200 dials (accessible from the Xiaomi Wear app). The body is made of plastic and comes in three colors: ivory, black and blue. It is 5ATM certified. The bracelets are user-swappable with Xiaomi offering a choice of ivory, black, blue and olive options.

The big plus is the support for GPS and GLONASS which means you can leave your smartphone at home and the Redmi Watch can keep a log of your runs and jogs with parameters like calories burned. during workouts. Speaking of which, it comes with 11 sports modes including cricket, walking, cycling, trekking, outdoor running, treadmill, pool swimming, and freestyle. The watch also has sensors to track continuous heart rate (at intervals of up to 30 minutes) and can alert you to irregular fluctuations. Sleep tracking and guided breathing are also available. There is no SpO2 sensor.

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Like any other fitness watch at its price, the Redmi watch will also allow you to show notifications and silence or reject calls even if it can’t answer. There is also no built-in speaker and microphone. You cannot install any apps on it because there is no App Store support. Xiaomi hasn’t opened up the platform for third-party fitness services like Strava yet, which means its own Wear app is your only option for gathering all the data.

The 230mAh battery inside the Redmi watch is designed to provide up to 10 days of use on a single charge – charging is via a POGO pin charger.

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Braking even | FleetOwner https://personal-model-management.com/braking-even-fleetowner/ https://personal-model-management.com/braking-even-fleetowner/#respond Thu, 13 May 2021 04:47:50 +0000 https://personal-model-management.com/braking-even-fleetowner/

Editor’s Note: This is the first part of a two-part series on how safety and TCO can improve with next-generation braking systems.

Vehicles in the United States traveled 13% fewer kilometers in 2020 than in 2019, but the number of road fatalities increased by 8% to 42,060 – the highest in 13 years, according to the National Safety Council (NSC).

“The number of road fatalities is alarming,” said Elaine Martin, President and CEO of NSC. “But the death rate is even more worrying. The United States saw a staggering 24% increase in the rate of fatalities per 100 million vehicle-miles on our roads last year. This is the largest year-over-year increase we’ve reported since the board started calculating it almost a century ago. ”

Three million more people are injured in crashes each year, costing US $ 460 billion. Martin acknowledged “it is too early to determine the full cause”, although road systems poorly adapted to modern driver errors were seen as a factor.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the mental and emotional stress it created have likely also had an impact on driver behavior. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has found in the early stages of the lockdown pandemic: “Among the drivers who remained on the roads, some engaged in riskier behaviors, including speeding, not wearing seat belts and driving under the influence of the alcohol or other drugs. ”

In a study conducted by five trauma centers between mid-March and mid-July, nearly two in three drivers brought in after a serious or fatal crash tested positive for alcohol, marijuana, opioids or other drugs. After mid-March, positive opioid tests nearly doubled and marijuana use increased by about 50%.

There are a myriad of other reasons the roads have become more dangerous, such as speeding (which fleets did 20% more frequently last April, according to Samsara). But the main thing is that the roads are becoming more and more unpredictable and the fleets must improve their defensive strategy.

At some point, that will likely include the adoption of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) such as collision mitigation and automatic emergency braking. According to Rand Corporation’s Road to Zero report, this technology would save 10,000 lives per year if the current range of ADAS were available on every vehicle. Daimler Trucks’ Detroit Assurance 5.0, for example, can detect pedestrians using radar and camera sensors, and it will partially or fully activate emergency braking if the driver does not respond to visual and audible alerts.

But fleets don’t necessarily focus entirely on high-tech solutions to improve their safety. They can start by simply reassessing how the trucks stop. This includes basic brakes, engine braking and, for the new wave of electrified trucks, regenerative braking.

If a fleet is to put its drivers, equipment and cargo in the safest possible position, it must have the best braking systems and the best technology that is financially feasible. Fortunately, there are many advances in modern braking that reduce stopping distance and maintain or improve the total cost of ownership of legacy systems, allowing fleets to break even while dramatically improving stopping power.

And after safety performance, the TCO of a braking system is a very real concern and a limiting factor for fleets. Like tires, brakes wear out the more they are used. Maintenance and brake replacement are the highest costs for many fleets.

This varies widely depending on the duty cycle and location. A garbage truck that stops at every house in a neighborhood puts its brakes through a workout each day, while highway trucks often only need to press the brakes to adjust speed in. because of traffic. A long-haul truck going through the congestion of downtown Chicago or slowing down the Rocky Mountain peaks of Interstate-70 in Colorado will need brake linings replaced much more often than a regional carrier in Texas.

Fleets with higher brake wear will inevitably have shorter replacement intervals and the downtime that goes with it. But regardless of the fleet, reviewing the type of brakes used and how drivers and service technicians are trained to use and work on them will result in better safety scores and manageable maintenance costs.

Pneumatic disc brakes

Over the past decade, due to the enactment by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of regulations on shorter stopping distances (FMVSS 121), brake manufacturers have deployed new materials and components to improve the performance of the brake system. Two-axle tractors and 6×4 tractors over 59,600 lbs. The gross vehicle weight rating threshold should stop within 250 feet when traveling at 60 mph and towing a trailer. Previously, he was 355 feet tall. This allowed air disc brakes (ADB) to finally gain a foothold in North America.

The single piston EX + LS air disc brake weighs 71 lbs. (caliper and pads) making it Meritor’s lightest ADB. The proprietary MA9300 N-level friction meets Environmental Protection Agency 2025 standards for copper content.Photo: Meritor

In addition to electronic braking systems (EBS), air disc brakes have been common on European trucks for two decades. According to Swedish brake manufacturer Haldex, the acceptance rate for EBS / ADB configurations was 70% in 2000. This number now exceeds 80%.

In North America, the catch rate hovers just below 50%, according to Meritor – up from 15% in 2015. ADB EX + LS recently launched by Meritor are standard on Freightliner Cascadias of model year 2022.

The lightweight EX + LS also meets the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s 2025 copper reduction standards, adopted to prevent copper from entering the water supply.

Meritor Engineering Director Joseph Kay also noted that these brakes are compatible with trailers equipped with drum brakes and will not “displace that balance of wear between tractor and trailer.”

ADBs, which include a wheel hub assembly, brake caliper assembly, and disc rotor, have several advantages over S-cam drum brakes. The first is performance. Air disc brakes have demonstrated the ability to stop a 6×4 truck going 100 km / h in 200 feet, while a drum brake would take 225 feet, according to Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems tests.

Pitt Ohio, a fleet of 1,400 power units, began the transition to ADBs two years ago, although not all units have it yet. Jeff Mercadante, vice president of safety, recalled seeing how Bendix ADB22X air disc brakes worked on a test track, where a truck with ADB traveling at 55 mph stopped 15 feet shorter than ‘one with drum brakes. “Fifteen feet is the length of a car,” said Mercadante. “When you hit 70 km / h you’re talking closer to 50 to 60 feet.”

So far, Pitt Ohio has seen the improvements materialize on the road. “Our rear-end collisions happened because of the air disc brakes and the [Bendix Wingman Fusion’s] anti-collision system at the front, ”explained Mercadante.

The Wingman Fusion system will recognize if the truck is following too close to the vehicle in front, alerting the driver when the vehicle is half a second away from the collision. If the driver does not slow down, the Bendix electronic stability platform will take control of the brakes. It is important to tell operators that the faster the truck travels, the less reaction time there is.

“Overall, the system will mitigate around 70% of the number of rear end accidents and an additional 70% of the severity of those that remain,” said TJ Thomas, director of marketing and customer solutions for Bendix Group. control.

A breakdown of Bendix Wingman Fusion.A breakdown of Bendix Wingman Fusion.Credit: Bendix

Improvements to this safety metric started in the training room.

“We brought in Bendix trainers to our facilities and educated the technicians on how they worked and how to maintain them and how to inspect them,” said Taki Darakos, vice president of vehicle maintenance and fleet services. from Pitt Ohio. It was before the pandemic, so it was a more hands-on experience. Once drivers started using them, reviews were overwhelmingly positive for the “car feel” of the new brakes and significantly improved stopping distance.

Pitt Ohio will continue to transition its heavy vehicle fleet with ADBs as it renews with new trucks. While replacing the drums on trailers is a consideration, it’s not as vital as the trailer brake wear items in Pitt Ohio require less frequent replacements.

“We’ve got a couple thousand trailers and an air disc brake upgrade that takes time and money, and then you sacrifice something somewhere else,” Darakos said.

Blasé by fading

Another advantage is how ADBs maintain consistent performance despite extended periods of use, while drum brakes are sensitive to the heat built up by friction.

“A drum brake experiences a phenomenon called fading,” said Keith McComsey, director of the air disc brake product group at Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems. Brake discoloration can occur as the drum heats up to a point where it begins to expand away from the friction material, causing stopping performance to deteriorate. A longer push rod stroke will be required for the brake to contact the friction surface of the drum.

“With air disc brakes, you basically have two pads that press against the rotor, and as that rotor heats up, it thermally expands towards the friction, so you don’t have the same phenomenon,” McComsey explained. .

The second part will explore the ways in which air disc brakes can generate new benefits in terms of total cost of ownership.

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Top 10 best 4K TV links 2021 – Bestgamingpro https://personal-model-management.com/top-10-best-4k-tv-links-2021-bestgamingpro/ https://personal-model-management.com/top-10-best-4k-tv-links-2021-bestgamingpro/#respond Thu, 13 May 2021 04:47:50 +0000 https://personal-model-management.com/top-10-best-4k-tv-links-2021-bestgamingpro/

Top 10 best 4k tv links 2021

1.avedio links 4K HDMI audio extractor, HDMI to HDMI + Optical Toslink SPDIF + AUX 3.5mm stereo audio output, Support for HDMI audio converter adapter splitter [email protected] HDCP1.4 Full HD 1080P 3D

  • 2.Three audio mode switching settings: (cross mode, 2ch and 5.1ch) three, 5mm audio output help pcm lpcm 2ch stereo audio input; spdif optical output help input 2ch pcm, 5.1ch dobly digital, dobly truehd, dts-hd. (note: our product does not help dobly digital plus and cec to work)
  • 4.huge suitable: suitable for many hdmi power unit such as blu-ray / dvd / hd participant, pc cable / satellite tv, amazon fireplace tv, apple tv, ps3 / oven, ps5 , xbox, laptop / notebook, digital camera hd, dvr hd and so on. Due to the voltage supplied, each machine can help is completely different and limited, for some units with low power consumption HDMI ports (similar to ps4, ps4 slim and different Sony machine), we suggest strongly to use …
  • 1.hdmi audio extractor: one hdmi input to 1 hdmi output + toslink spdif optical output and 3.5mm analog auxiliary stereo audio output, HDMI to 3.5mm audio adapter (suggestions: spdif and auxiliary audio help output separately to soundbar, amplifier, headphones and different audio receiver without TV / monitor connection)
  • Three. 4K 60Hz excessive decision: Avedio hyperlinks Help HDMI optical audio extractor [email protected]/ 3d / 1080p / 1080i / 720p / 576i / 480p / 480i. Help video coloring format: 24 bit / 30 bit deep coloring, 36 bit with sync sound; yuv: four: 2: zero hdmi v1.four hdcp1.four; it also helps hdmi arc (audio return channel)
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2.avedio links HDMI splitter 1 in 2 outputs, 4K HDMI splitter for dual monitors duplicated / mirror only, 1 × 2 HDMI Splitter 1 to 2 amplifier for Full HD 1080P 3D with HDMI cable (1 source on 2 screens)

  • Mobile – 1 in 2 4k HDMI Splitter, Dimension: 2.5 × 2.1 × 0.5 inch / 6.3 × 5.3 × 1.2cm (lxwxh), easy to use and carry, enjoyable travel. USB cable included (it must be powered by USB), no external driver, safety and environmental friendliness (supplier suggest 25ft (max) HDMI cable)
  • Assist – The HDMI 4k one input to 2 output splitter helps HDMI v1.three / 1.four, hdcp compatible (model 1.2). 30-bit / 36-bit deep coloring help. helper audio format: dts-hd / dobly-true hd / lpcm7.1 / dts / dobly-ac3 / dsd / hd (hbr)
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3. Pound HD Link Cable for Sega Dreamcast – HDMI cable converts native VGA signal for HD video quality and accurate colors on 4K TV with Dreamcast

  • VGA Converter: Play many Dreamcast video games on a contemporary television – book hyperlink cable uses the native VGA sign of the dreamcast and converts it to digital HDMI
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5. HDMI splitter [email protected], avedio links HDMI Splitter 1 in 2 Out, HDMI2.0b Splitter for Dual Monitors Only Duplicate / Mirror Screens, Support HDCP2.2, RGB 4: 4: 4, 18.5Gbps, Auto Scaling, Full HD 1080P 3D

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6.UCEC CAM NOVA Video Capture Card 4K Broadcast Live USB 3.0 Cam Link Record via DSLR Camcorder Action Cam Live Stream on HDMI Capture Definition for MacOS X PC Windows 7 8 10

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