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June 11, 2021 – DENTON – When it comes to phone apps, there’s a saying – “There’s an app for that. However, Minkowan Goo, PhD, an associate professor in the teacher education department at Texas Woman’s University, found that wasn’t always the case.

Goo saw the need for a better resource for teachers to create video modeling, an evidence-based practice for teaching skills to students. His solution was a new app for iPhone and iPad called Playvimo.

Aimed at special education teachers to specifically model social and life skills, Goo says the app is ultimately a good resource for anyone who needs to teach a skill.

“Everyone has smartphones. Children, grandparents, everyone. Everyone has a skill. It’s a simple tool to help teach a skill, ”Goo said. “There is so much research showing that video is an effective intervention for children. Even I look for a video whenever I need to learn to work on my car or something, so it’s not just for students. We all learn from video.

PlayVimo invites a teacher in a step-by-step process to create a short video detailing a skill. Once the skill set is complete, a teacher can switch the app to student mode so the student can learn from the video.

“I want to help the teachers,” Goo said. “It’s a quick and easy way to create video modeling. “

Goo’s combination of expertise and interests uniquely prepared him to create PlayVimo, a title that combines the words “playing”, “video” and “modeling”. Goo started his career as a teacher and has always been interested in technology. His research interests focus on the use of technology in teaching students with disabilities.

Over 20 years ago, while teaching, Goo tried to embed html code for a demo he was teaching. Her supervising teacher at the time said it was too early to try this. It was too late for Goo. His interest in technology grew until he learned coding and programming on his own. It is in the process of learning a new coding language to make PlayVimo available to Android users in the future.

“The program of programmers and educators educate. I wanted to know both, ”Goo said. “My experience helps PlayVimo to be useful because I incorporated educational theories into programming. “

So now there is an app for that.

To learn more about PlayVimo, video modeling, and Goo’s 7 Cs strategy for teaching a skill, visit

PlayVimo screenshots

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Is singer Dua Lipa single and what is her net worth? Thu, 10 Jun 2021 01:01:49 +0000

Grammy Award-winning singer Dua Lipa rose to fame in 2015 with “Blow Your Mind” and exploded into the dance music scene when she co-wrote and collaborated with producer Calvin Harris for their hit from 2016, “One Kiss”. Following the release of her debut album, she teamed up with electronic music duo Silk City for the award-winning single “Electricity”, which earned her a 2019 Grammy for Best New Artist. Throughout her musical career, the 25-year-old singer has also posed extensively, appearing on the covers of several major magazines. Additionally, she had a high-profile relationship with British chef Isaac Carew for a few years before shutting him down for good in 2019. Is Dua Lipa currently dating anyone and what is her net worth?

Dua Lipa arrives at the 2021 BRIT Awards at the O2 Arena | David M. Benett / Getty Images

Dua Lipa received her first number one hit with ‘New Rules’

Born in London, England, Dua Lipa began covering songs including “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys and “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera and uploaded them to Soundcloud and YouTube at age. 15 years old.

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A return photo of Abhinav Shukla from his modeling days hits the internet; Internet users compare him to John Abraham Wed, 09 Jun 2021 14:02:29 +0000

While TV actor Abhinav Shukla is busy attempting daredevil stunts in Cape Town, as one of the participants in the stunt-based reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi 11, a photo from his youth appeared on the Internet. The image belongs to the time when the current actor tried his hand at modeling. Like many others, Abhinav Shukla also participated in manhunt competitions. Abhinav was named best potential model in the famous Gladrags Manhunt competition.

The photo that has surfaced on the internet shows a KKK11 candidate in a black suit with a white shirt and pink tie and a best potential belt over his shoulders. With his hair combed back, Abhinav smiled slightly as he was clicked. One of the Bigg Boss reality TV fan pages shared this comeback image with the caption, “Return image of #AbhinavShukla during her modeling days. #BiggBoss_Tak” This photo of the actor sparked lots of reactions. While one of the netizens said he looked like Priyanka Chopra’s husband Nick Jonas, another user mentioned that he looked like Bollywood actor John Abraham.

Why not take a look and decide for yourself-

Image source: Instagram Archives / ashukla09 / SpotboyE

They say the best things in life are free! India’s favorite music channels 9XM, 9X Jalwa, 9X Jhakaas and 9X Tashan are available unscrambled. Apply for these channels from your Cable, DTH or HITS operator.

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Srinivas Rangarajan Wins NSF CAREER Award for Catalytic Transfer Hydrogenation Research Tue, 08 Jun 2021 04:05:25 +0000

PICTURE: Srinivas Rangarajan, Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at PC Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science at Lehigh University, recently obtained faculty support from the National Science Foundation … see After

Credit: Lehigh University

Is it possible to build safe and sustainable small-scale chemical factories? The kind of plants that could — among other things — convert biomass into biofuel, on the very farms that produce those crops?

Perhaps. But that requires determining, in part, a more benign hydrogenation process, the chemical reaction between molecular hydrogen and other compounds and elements that is used to create new molecules.

Srinivas Rangarajan, Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at PC Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science at Lehigh University, recently received support from the National Science Foundation’s Faculty of Early Career Development (CAREER) program for his proposal develop new tools to better understand a promising chemistry called catalytic transfer hydrogenation (CTH).

The prestigious NSF CAREER Award is presented annually to young faculty in the United States who exemplify the role of teacher-researchers through outstanding research, excellent education, and the integration of education and research. Each scholarship provides stable support of approximately $ 500,000 for a period of five years.

When hydrogenation is used to make ultra-low sulfur diesel, for example, it requires a huge catalytic reactor, temperatures up to 500 degrees Celsius, and hundreds of pounds of pressure.

Similar chemistry could be used on a much smaller scale to do things like process biomass, recycle plastic waste, or make specialty chemicals. But such distributed processing would require reactors much smaller and operating at much lower temperatures and pressures.

And that means using a different source of hydrogen.

“The problem with molecular hydrogen is that it’s very light,” Rangarajan explains. “To transport it you have to compress it using very high pressures. And to use it you need very high pressures. But if you can use a different molecule that can chemically transport hydrogen, that molecule could be used as a hydrogen donor. It will break down or convert and, in the process, lose hydrogen, which then becomes available for something like biomass conversion. ”

The process of transferring hydrogen atoms from a hydrogen donor to a hydrogen acceptor is called catalytic transfer hydrogenation. “So instead of using molecular hydrogen, you are using a liquid molecule that can be shipped very easily from where it’s produced to where it’s needed,” he explains. “It can then be used at temperatures close to room temperature and at atmospheric pressure. In that sense, CTH could therefore lead to a more compact, safe and modular process.”

While this is a big picture, Rangarajan focuses on the molecular level. He will develop a new computational framework to answer two fundamental questions: how exactly does this hydrogen transfer work on a molecular scale, and which is the right donor and the right catalyst for a given acceptor?

“I use a model compound called acrolein as a hydrogen acceptor,” he says. “It has features representative of many biomass compounds and many unsaturated chemicals that appear in the chemical industry, for example, oleochemicals, solvents, and pharmaceuticals. To hydrogenate acrolein, I have to find out which is the right molecule to deliver hydrogen, and what is the right catalyst that can do this chemistry selectively, that is, without creating unwanted byproducts. ”

To address the possible combinations of donors and catalysts that number in the tens of thousands, Rangarajan will build on his previous work, as well as his recent work at Lehigh, to create a technique called high throughput kinetic modeling. It integrates quantum chemistry, optimization, and machine learning to create models that will provide data on how different parameters affect performance.

“This technique allows us to determine how the parameters affect the rate of the reaction and whether the desired product will actually be formed,” he says. “It hasn’t been done before.”

The ultimate goal is to develop more energy efficient processes. The potential impact could be huge, he says, given that 45 million tonnes of hydrogen are used worldwide each year to make chemicals and energy carriers like fuels. Alternatives to molecular hydrogen could reduce plant operating expenses by reducing infrastructure, storage and transportation costs.

But more immediately, where economies of scale don’t work, “like a farm looking to transform their biomass or a specialty chemical company that doesn’t have significant production needs, the main idea is that you look for an intensification of the processes, “he says. “Smaller, more cost-effective and secure solutions that are energy and carbon efficient.”

CAREER funding will also support educational awareness around what Rangarajan calls “computational thinking” among undergraduates and graduate students. It is developing a range of activities including software development research projects, a new data science course for chemical engineers, and experiential learning opportunities through the Creative Investigation Bureau. by Lehigh focused on interactive construction data visualization models. It will also assist secondary school teachers in the region interested in programming or modeling.

“Calculations and data science are becoming increasingly common in chemical engineering,” he says. “We are increasingly using mathematics, mathematical modeling and data to solve problems in industry and academia. I am really looking forward to promoting algorithmic thinking to the next generation of scientists and engineers. ”


About Srinivas Rangarajan

Srinivas Rangarajan is Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Lehigh University. He joined the faculty of PC Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science in January 2017, after his stint as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He obtained his B.Tech. (2007) from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, and PhD (2013) from the University of Minnesota, both in chemical engineering. His industrial experience includes previous employment (2007-2008) at Shell Global Solutions in the Netherlands and India as Senior Associate Hydrotreatment Technologist.

Search in the Rangarajan group is at the intersection of heterogeneous catalysis, materials science and process systems engineering. The group develops and applies a variety of computer tools to model and design catalytic systems and materials relevant to energy and the environment and governed by complex chemistries. The suite of tools includes electronic structure calculations using Density Functional Theory (DFT), microcinetic modeling, optimization, pathformatics, automated mechanism generation, and machine learning.

Rangarajan has published more than 35 peer-reviewed articles, including a dozen since joining Lehigh, in reputable journals such as ACS catalysis, Applied catalysis B, Chemical research accounts, and Nature Communication. His recent awards and honors include the David Smith Graduate Publication Award from the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (CAST division), the PC Rossin Assistant Professorship and the John Ochs Faculty Achievement Award from the Baker Institute of Creative Inquiry. His group has been supported by grants from the NSF, the Doctoral New Investigator Award (ACS-PRF) and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania (PITA).

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Drones with exoskeletons compete in a soccer challenge Mon, 07 Jun 2021 11:00:03 +0000

Much to the chagrin of aspiring pilots, drones are sure to play a prominent role in many forms of aviation in the not-so-distant future. So how do you create a talent pool for children who know how to pilot and repair drones?

Kyle Sanders, Football Vice President and former US Air Force combat pilot, seeks to do just that by training students in robotics, coding, and aerospace. Drone Soccer, which a spokesperson says looks a lot like Quidditch from the Harry Potter books, was introduced to South Korea in 2016 and moved to the United States as an educational and fun sport.

So how do you play?

“Drone Soccer is an educational sport where students must first learn how to build, program, fly and repair high performance drones,” Sanders tells me. “Competition itself is an exciting full-contact sport, these drones have a protective exoskeleton and are designed for collision. Equal 3v3 to 5v5 teams play in a mesh arena and it is an accessible game for newbies. players, with growth opportunities through college programs and even the World Cup. Our first test events were held in Colorado, USA. Space Foundation in Colorado Springs and Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum. “

The first Drone Soccer tournament in North America will take place at Colorado Springs, CO in July. As a veteran, Kyle has a background in aerospace education and works with local institutions to create a American drone football program which provides equipment, training and lesson plans to schools that embrace sport.

“NASA just landed the first drone flying on another planet with the Mars Ingenuity helicopter,” Sanders said. “Students can see that drones are the future, with new and unexpected applications in all industries. It is also a way to earn money and launch a career at a young age.”

But, Sanders warns, the path to a future in aviation has never been so obscure.

“There is a huge talent shortage where students are intimidated away from the fields of scientific and technical careers. Speaking as a former pilot, there are hundreds of aerospace careers beyond just operating the controls. Our program introduces them to all the fast-growing opportunities and skills they might acquire, such as 3D modeling, small-scale manufacturing, computer programming, robotics, and flight operations. Wings Over the Rockies runs training camps all summer where students really dive into these topics and open doors to future careers. “

Colorado Springs’ Coronado and Mitchell High Schools will serve as test pilots in Colorado Springs, potentially ushering in a new generation of better guns. To ensure that the sport is accessible to all students, a combination of federal and state funding is used.

“Colorado is the site of our first test league, and we’ve worked closely with educators and administrators in Colorado Springs and Denver,” says Sanders. Colorado Springs District 11 enrolled the first two high school programs with Coronado High School takes second place in our first student tournament. School districts are hungry for a comprehensive drone program that meets their classroom and career preparation needs. They want to prepare students for this exciting new field. Registration is open for the next school year and we are adding new schools every week. “

Colorado Springs already plays an important role in US aviation as the home of the US Air Force Academy, five military installations, and more than 250 aerospace and defense companies in the region.

Aerospace and defense companies are eager to work with local economic development groups like the Colorado Springs House and EDC and city and state governments to attract tech talent and train the next generation of leaders in this space. Drone Soccer is a double win for keeping kids learning over the summer or after school, and for encouraging these students to learn more about aerospace, coding and engineering. “

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Timeline of Juliana Custodio and Michael’s relationship Sun, 06 Jun 2021 18:21:00 +0000

90 Day Fiance alumni Juliana Custodio and Michael Jessen were dragged out due to their big age gap, but they’re still together. They look very happy.

Juliana Custodio and Michael Jessen appeared on 90 day fiancé season 7 and we’re here to share all the highlights of their relationship. They had one of the most successful 90 day fiancé relationships. When fans first met Michael and Juliana, red flags were fluttering in the breeze. Viewers had a lot of doubts about this pair. Michael, 43, a Connecticut resident, was wealthy and divorced, with a profitable wine business. Juliana was only 23 years old and was an up and coming Brazilian model. The chemistry between Michael and Juliana was obvious, but fans wondered if she was there for the cars and the credit card. However, Michael and Juliana have only shown each other love and support since their wedding in October 2020.

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Among the new couples who 90 day fiancé season 7 introduced, Michael and Juliana were controversial. This was mainly due to their huge age gap of almost 20 years. Many franchise fans have wondered if Michael and Juliana’s relationship is fueled by Juliana’s need for money and her desire for a green card. The subject of a marriage contract was raised and created tensions. Plus, the fact that Michael was still a close friend of his ex-wife Sarah seemed odd. However, viewers changed their minds when Sarah officiated Michael and Juliana’s fairytale wedding during the 90 day fiancé final.

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Like Michael (@ michael_jessen_77 on Instagram) rushed into the 90 day fiancé world in his beloved sports car and revealed that he works with wine and travels around the world for a living, he also spoke about Juliana. He met her at a big yacht party that his friend threw in Croatia. It was July 2017. When Michael first saw Juliana from Brazil, he felt like they were “soulmates. “As he started to think Juliana was very sexy, with an amazing body, he quickly liked other things about her. They got to know each other and Michael realized that she was funny. , thoughtful and intelligent. He was amazed that she was so young due to her maturity. Michael knew people would judge him and think he was “just a rich and sleazy old dude taking it out on a hot young lady. “

Michael Juliana Season 7 In 90 Days Fiancé

Michael and Juliana said goodbye to each other, but he’s committed to making her life comfortable. He let her use her credit cards. Michael confessed to doing this so as not to lose her. He tried to bring her to the United States, but his visitor visa was refused. There were suspicions that Juliana had “malicious intentions.”Michael realized that a K-1 visa was their only option. Michael also considered moving to Brazil for his 90 day fiancé partner. However, ultimately he couldn’t say “fucking shit”While her two children Max and Cece lived in America.

While Juliana K-1’s interview was “wrong“because she was presumed to be involved in”illicit activities”And a human trafficking ring, she got approval. She arrived in Greenwich and Michael made the occasion special by giving her champagne, flowers and a $ 4000 necklace. When Juliana met Michael’s family, Sarah suggested that she shouldn’t be overloaded with too many responsibilities as she adjusted to her new life. Around this time, it was revealed that Juliana had already been married for four months. She was forced to marry at the age of 17. Julia also revealed that she and Michael separated for three months in 2018. She felt like a “losing”To need to depend on him financially.

Her state of mind meant Juliana was uncomfortable inviting her family to her wedding to Michael, which took place on October 12, 2019. “It’s more perfect than I could ever imagine to be perfectMichael told the cameras. Their appearance on the show has led Michael to criticize the TLC franchise on several occasions. Juliana has gone out of her way to prove their love is real. The fashionista is now blossoming in her modeling career. While critics keep doubting their relationship, Michael and Juliana continue to live their 90 day fiancé success story, year after year.

Next: 90 Day Fiancé: What We Know About Michael & Juliana’s Rich Lifestyle

Source: Michael jessen

Chuck Potthast Libby Andrei in 90 Day Fiancé

90 day fiancé: Libby’s dad Chuck reaches out to actress

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10 things you didn’t know about Greg Vaughan Sun, 06 Jun 2021 00:00:34 +0000

For most of his career, Greg Vaughan was known as a soap opera star. He first gained popularity for his role as Diego Guttierez in The young and the restless before playing Lucky in General hospital. In recent years, Greg has come to prominence for his role in Days of our lives. Although he briefly left the show and focused on his role in the hit series Sugar queen, he returned to Days of our lives in 2021. Fans are excited to see him back and can’t wait to see what lies in store for his character. Greg is also looking forward to continuing to give them great performances. Read on for 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Greg Vaughan.

1. He is a native of Dallas

Dallas is known to be the birthplace of some very famous people in the entertainment industry, and Greg Vaughan is another. He was born in Dallas and raised between there and Fredericksburg. He attended Mesquite High School and graduated in 1991.

2. He’s a proud dad

Greg’s job takes up a good deal of his time, but nothing comes before his family. He is the father of three children from his marriage to actress Touriya Haoud. The couple divorced in 2014. Greg got engaged to actress Angie Harmon in 2019. It doesn’t look like they’ve set a wedding date yet.

3. He started his career as a model

Greg’s beauty is the first thing a lot of people notice about him, so it’s probably no surprise that he worked in the modeling industry. In fact, he started modeling before he became an actor. During his modeling career, he had the chance to work with several well-known brands including Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger.

4. He’s gone Days of our lives Due to broken promises

There were a lot of people who were surprised when the news broke that Greg was going to leave Days of our lives, but what a lot of people didn’t realize was that he had his reasons. According to American magazineGreg said, “A lot of things that were told or promised to me never came to fruition. I didn’t feel that everything I was told was delivered. I felt like a glorified extra in everyone’s story, and I never felt like Ari [Zucker] and I was given a ‘Hey, you’re gonna be our couple.’ So, it was about time. My deal was over and that was it.

5. He likes the outdoors

Greg is an adventurous person who is not afraid to step out of his comfort zone and have new experiences. When Greg is away from work, he likes to spend it outside. Some of her favorite outdoor activities include hiking, paddleboarding, and simply enjoying the beauty of nature.

6. He was the spokesperson for Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter

Greg has had some pretty interesting opportunities during his career, and one of them has been the chance to work with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. In 2006, Greg won a competition to replace Fabio as company spokesperson. He appeared in a commercial for the brand that same year.

7. It is not known if he has taken formal acting training.

While we do know that Greg got into acting after he had already started modeling, we couldn’t find any information about whether he took acting classes along the way. While formal training is part of the journey of many actors, there are also many who jump right into the audition process.

8. He is an Emmy Award winner

There is no better feeling than knowing that the hard work you put into something you love hasn’t gone unnoticed. For an actor, this recognition usually comes in the form of rewards. In 2018, Greg won a Daytime Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for his work on Days of our lives.

9. He is a private person

Some celebrities can’t get enough of being in the limelight, and they’re ready to put their whole lives on display to make sure the world doesn’t forget about them. Greg, however, seems to prefer a more private approach. He is not active on social media and has never been the type to do all his business on the streets.

10. It’s all about spreading good vibes

Sometimes it can be hard not to get carried away by the negativity of the world, but Greg does his best. Greg is a positive person and he tries to see the good in every situation. Besides having this state of mind himself, he does his best to diffuse this energy to the people with whom he comes in contact.

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12 Korean celebrities who never want to get married Sat, 05 Jun 2021 06:41:14 +0000

We don’t know if it’s Asian, but when we reach a certain age we are naturally supposed to get married and have children. These days, however, marriage isn’t really a necessity anymore as more millennials embrace being single.

In one countries like South Korea, getting married is not easy, especially for celebrities. Their life depends on their status. Apparently, for most Korean celebrities, being in a relationship could negatively affect their popularity. Hence, many of them end up lying about their status to maintain their economic advantages.

That said, some Korean celebrities have publicly stated that they feel comfortable being single and are not under any pressure to rush into marriage. Looked:


Source: Pop Buzz

K-Pop idols have a standard of beauty that they must adhere to. Male idols generally fall under the category of twinks. Not Wonho (이호석) though. Former Monsta X (몬스타 엑스) idol is a big hunk and always teases his washboard abs whenever he gets the chance! Girls want him and guys want to be like him.

But the muscular idol has his own valid reasons for staying celibate. He shared in the past that he doesn’t want to get married. Instead, he has his younger brother to continue the family line. The 28-year-old idol said: “I am not interested in getting married. I never thought about it. But my brother is going to get married and continue the family line so I’m not too worried ”.

Jung Hyuk

Source: Allkpop

South Korean model Jung Hyuk (정혁) is known to model under Esteem Models. At the age of 16, he started modeling in earnest. He is currently promoting as a model and TV personality. In August 2019, Jung Hyuk revealed that he refuses to marry due to trauma. He shared his heartbreaking story on the Korean talk show, “The Quack Philosophers”.

The model has revealed that he is to stay with his father after his parents divorce. Jung Hyuk mentioned that his father was always busy earning money and hardly paid him any attention. He apologized, “I envied my friends who could be with their parents. I think that because of these resentments, I decided not to marry again in the future “.

Sunny (Generation Girl)

Source: Wow Keren

It’s hard to decide on marriage if you don’t even have a type, plan, or goal. Marrying someone on the spur of the moment can lead to regret. Girl’s Generation (소녀 시대) member Sunny (써니) has repeatedly stated that she has no desire to marry anyone because she does not feel fit for marriage. She even jokes mentionned that she wasn’t “Firm or wise enough to marry!” “.

Jiho (Oh my girl)

Source: Zapzee

Privacy is a precious commodity, especially for Oh My Girl (오마이 걸) member Jiho (지호). The female idol of K-Pop has said she had no idea about marriage and wants to live alone without being burdened by marriage.

Kim Hye-Soo

Source: Grid

Famous Korean veteran actress Kim Hye-Soo (김혜수) has revealed that she doesn’t mind being single. The 50-year-old actress said: “It might be nice to live as a bride in the family, but it would be better if you lived for yourself”. Being in a previously committed relationship, Hye-Soo feels her priorities have changed over the years.


Kim Seo Hyung

Source: Korea Channel

It’s no secret that some celebrities have spent their entire lives climbing the career ladder and maintaining it is no small feat, especially if you are an older woman in showbiz. . For Korean actress Kim Seo-Hyung (김서형), marriage never crossed her mind the way it is “already married to work”. Following her most iconic performance in the hit K-Drama series “Sky Castle” (SKY 캐슬), she released 2 projects last year, and 2 more this year.

Moon Geun-Young

Source: Kpop Music

Korean actress Moon Geun-Young (문근영) has always been very goal-oriented. The 33-year-old former woman said that while she could probably still pursue her dreams as a married woman, she “would feel bad for [her] potential spouse and children ”for being away too often.


Source: Koreaboo

Getting married and raising a family takes a lot of money. When she appeared on the popular variety show “Knowing Bros” (아는 형님), she expressed that she had always dreamed of being a chaebol (a large industrial conglomerate that would be run by a southern owner or family. -Korean) when she was young.

When Super Junior (슈퍼 주니어) Heechul (희철) suggested that her future children could be chaebols instead, Yeonwoo said she didn’t believe in marriage and was happy to be single. The former MOMOLAND member (모모 랜드) even exclaimed how intimidating it would be if she were to be responsible for her family’s finances.

Luda (Cosmic Girls)

Source: Wallpaper Cave

It’s pretty common to see celebrity couples filing for divorce these days. For Cosmic Girl (우주 소녀) Luda (루다), she could easily avoid being another statistic on rising divorce rates. In his opinion, marriage is not always permanent, “Because eternity does not exist”. In his experience, all good things come to an end. Maybe Luda was burned in the past and the scars are still fresh …


Source: Koreaboo

In January 2021, Jaejae (이은재) appeared on “Problem Child in the House” (옥탑방 의 문제 아들) to share her thoughts on marriage. JaeJae claimed that she “never thought of marriage” and how “Marriage is a choice given to us by the domain of society”. Often people get married not for love, but to promote each other’s status. This kind of arrangement doesn’t end well, does it?

Yeeun (HA: TFELT)

Source: Allkpop

Former Wonder Girl (원더걸스) member Yeeun (예은), who now goes by her solo name HA: TFELT (핫 펠트), previously shared:

I don’t have the confidence to get married. I will have a happy married life if I meet someone who is a good match for me. There was a time when I was younger when I was really trying to find a good person, but I have given up now. I consider myself more important and valuable now. I think you shouldn’t go out with someone you think needs to be taken care of. A lot of people around me are getting married. It is still too early to think about marriage. I have a lot of things to do and I want to focus on myself. “

Han So Hee

Source: Preview

Playing “the other woman” who had an affair with a married man in the hit drama “Bride and Groom” (부부 의 세계) gave Han So Hee (한소희) a new perspective on marriage. She explains: “I don’t think I can get married. It’s not just because of adultery. Between the characters, Go Ye Rim and Son Jae Hyuk, there was suspicion, anxiety, mistrust, and a sense of deprivation in their marriage. The drama depicts the detailed process of a family falling apart. I’m starting to wonder if I can ever get married on my own. “

Sources: Allkpop, Koreaboo.

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10 things you didn’t know about Sabina Gadecki Fri, 04 Jun 2021 01:09:46 +0000

Sabina Gadecki is young, beautiful and talented, often worth gold in the entertainment industry. For over a decade she has worked hard to make her mark and she has come a long way so far. To date, his acting resume has nearly 30 onscreen credits, and the list will only continue to grow. Some of his best-known appearances include The best of LA and Find Carter. Sabina also has two film projects in the works that are sure to help her develop her career even further. You might not know its name yet, but in a few years you will probably hear it everywhere. Let’s get into 10 things you didn’t know about Sabina Gadecki.

1. She is from Massachusetts

Sabina was born and raised in Massachusetts although her family roots are in Poland. She attended Chicopee High School before enrolling at Hollyoak Community College. While she will always be proud of where she came from, Sabina knew she had to move to pursue her dreams.

2. She struggled with depression

Seen from the outside, it’s easy to believe that Sabina is the type of person who is always happy and positive. However, in a Q&A on his Instagram profile, she revealed that she had been going through a period of depression. She did not give further details about this period of her life.

3. She studied at Fordham

After graduating from Hollyoak Community College, Sabina went to Fordham University where she majored in international affairs and communications. She eventually decided to quit school when she only had a few credits before graduating because her modeling career had started to take off.

4. The family is important to her

Sabina comes from a close-knit family and is grateful to have had their support over the years. Sabina has at least one brother and we also know that she has a close relationship with her parents. She is also married to musician Tyler Rich.

5. She is a brand ambassador

Thanks to her success as a model and actress, Sabina has been able to build up a very large fan base including people from all over the world. This fan base has also translated into a large audience on social media. Through her follow-up, Sabina has had the chance to collaborate with brands to help them market their products and services.

6. She likes to travel

Sabina has a very adventurous spirit and she is always looking for ways to make the most of every moment. Traveling has become a great way for her to do so. She was able to visit all kinds of places in the United States and abroad. No matter where she goes, however, Sabina enjoys being near the water.

7. She inspired some of her husband’s songs

When Sabina and Tyler Rich started dating in 2016, it didn’t take long for people to start calling the couple #goals. Since they tied the knot in 2019, they seem stronger than ever and their relationship has played a huge role in Tyler’s career. She became Tyler’s muse and inspired some of his new songs, including “Leave Her Wild” and “Better Than You’re Used To”. In one interview with E Online, Tyler said Sabina inspires him “every day on every level.”

8. She’s a dog person

All dog lovers will be happy to know that Sabina is a proud dog. During her Q&A on Instagram, she shared that dogs are her favorite animal. She also had an adorable dog named Charlee who had become her best friend over the years. Sadly, he passed away in 2020.

9. She likes to sing

As someone married to a famous musician, it goes without saying that Sabina spends a lot of time around music. However, his love for music is not only linked to his relationship. Sabina might not have the best voice to sing about, but she still enjoys singing for fun and sometimes she even shares videos of herself singing on social media.

10. She is a formally trained actress

Some people may think that Sabina only had acting opportunities because of her good looks, but many don’t realize that she worked hard to hone her acting skills. Although she did not go to a traditional drama school, Sabina studied acting under William Esper for four years before deciding to move to Los Angeles.

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Demi Moore 2021 net worth, earnings, modeling, approval deals Ghana news Thu, 03 Jun 2021 10:42:11 +0000

Demi Moore has entertained millions of people for decades. Her charm, talent and beauty fascinated a worldwide audience who faithfully followed her career. Along with the considerable fame and the following, Demi Moore’s net worth has also increased impressively.

Demi Moore at One World Observatory. Photo: John Lamparski
Source: Getty Images

Demi Gene Guynes Moore, known by her stage name Demi Moore, is an American songwriter, model and actress from Roswell. She has made a mark on and off screen through her successful career. She has won numerous awards and nominations for her roles in different movies and TV shows over the years.

Demi Moore net worth 2021

What is Demi Moore’s net worth? The talented actress has an estimate net value $ 200 million as of 2021. At the height of her acting career, she earned around $ 60 million in base salaries on her own. It played a huge role in increasing his net worth.

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How is Demi Moore so rich?

Thanks to her successful career in the entertainment industry, Demi is so rich. She joined the film industry at a young age, but has become one of the richest actresses in the world. Demi is successful because she has successfully overcome life’s struggles and obstacles.

As a young girl, she faced various challenges ranging from health issues such as squinty eyes and kidney dysfunction. She was dedicated to becoming the best she agreed to shave her bald head for the role on G.I Jane. She was paid $ 11 million for this role.

Three years after making her film debut, she appeared in the sex comedy film, Rio’s fault, which was at the origin of its upward trajectory. She achieved a commercial breakthrough in 1985 after appearing in the drama St Elmo’s fire. The actress earned millions of dollars from this film.

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After her breakthrough at the age of 19, she began to act in high-quality TV shows and movies. At the peak of her career, in 1995, Demi was one of the highest paid actresses. From his appearance in Striptease, the actress won a record salary of $ 12.5 million.

Some of his other most notable salaries are:

  • $ 3 million for A few good men
  • $ 5 million for Indecent Proposal
  • $ 6 million for Disclosure
  • $ 7 million for The scarlet letter
  • $ 7 million for swear

Outside of substantial acting salaries, the actress received $ 90 million in cash and real estate as part of a divorce settlement with her ex-husband Bruce Willis. Moreover, she has also earned a fortune through real estate transactions over the years.

Why is she so famous?

Demi Moore is famous for her exceptional skills as an actress, her excellence in modeling and her appearance as an ambassador of high-end brands. Here are the highlights of his career:

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Demi Moore net worth
American actress Demi Moore poses during the photocall before the fashion show for the Dior Fall-Winter 2020-2021 Womenswear collection in Paris. Photo credit: Anne-Christine POUJOULAT
Source: Getty Images

Demi started her modeling career at a young age. At the age of 16, she signed a modeling contract with Elite Modeling Agency, which propelled her to fame. Immediately after signing the contract, she flew to Europe for modeling gigs.

With its beauty and excellence, beauty icon turns heads with every walk she took on the different trails. At 18, she had posed nude on the cover of an adult magazine.

With this level of exposure, she cashed in a huge amount of money. Over the years, she has been on the cover of many international fashion magazines such as:

  • Elle (France)
  • Grazia (United Kingdom)
  • W (United States)
  • Vanity Show
  • Interview
  • Rolling stone
  • Charm
  • In the style
  • Harper’s Bazaar
  • Marie Claire
  • Vogue


She joined the film industry in 1981, where she played the role of Corri in the film, Choices. The following year, she landed another film role as Patricia Welles in Parasite and her first role in a television show as Jackie Templeton in General hospital.

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Over the years, she has boldly played a wide range of characters. She has played the following roles in these movies and TV shows:

  • nineteen eighty one – Choices like Corri
  • 1982 – Parasite as Patricia Welles
  • 1982 – Young doctors in love as a new intern
  • 1984 – Rio’s fault as Nicole “Nikki” Hollis
  • 1984 – No small matterLaura Victor
  • 1985 – The fire of St. Elmo like Jules
  • 1986 – About last night as Debbie
  • 1986 – A crazy summer as Cassandra Eldridge
  • 1989 – We are not angels like Molly
  • 1990 – Ghost as Molly Jensen
  • 1991 – Nothing but trouble as Diane Lightson
  • 1991 – Deadly thoughts as Cynthia Kellogg
  • 1991 – The Butcher’s Wife as Marina Lemke
  • 1992 – A few good men as LCDR JoAnne Galloway
  • 1993 – Indecent Proposal as Diana Murphy
  • 1996 – The Hunchback of Notre Dame as Esmeralda
  • 1996 – Striptease as Erin Grant
  • 1996 – If these walls could speak as Claire Donnelly
  • 1996 – Beavis and Butt-Head make America as Dallas Grimes
  • 1997 – Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
  • 1997 – GI Jane as Lieutenant Jordan O’Neil
  • 1997 – Deconstruct Harry as Helen
  • 1999 – Austin Powers: the spy who fucked me
  • 2000 – Passion of the mind as Martha / Marty
  • 2002 – Austin Powers in Goldmember
  • 2002 – The Hunchback of Notre Dame II as Esmeralda
  • 2003 – Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle as Madison Lee
  • 2005 – Semi-darkness as Rachel Carlson
  • 2006 – Police officer as Virginia Fallon
  • 2007 – Mr. Brooks as Detective Tracy Atwood
  • 2008 – Flawless as Laura Quinn
  • 2010 – Tears of joy like Laura
  • 2010 – The Jones as Kate Jones
  • 2010 – Bunraku as Alexandra
  • 2011 – Margin call as Sarah Robertson
  • 2011 – Another good day like Patty
  • 2011 – Children stolen from Nepal as Narrator / Anchor
  • 2012 – MDR like Anne
  • 2013 – Very good girls like Kate
  • 2015 – Abandoned as Mary-Alice Watson
  • 2016 – Wild oats like crystal
  • 2016 – Blinded as Suzanne Dutchman
  • 2017 – Restless night like Lea
  • 2018 – Love Sonia like Selma
  • 2019 – Company animals like Lucie
  • 2020 – Songbird as Piper Griffin
  • 1982 to 1984 – General hospital as Jackie Templeton
  • 1984 – The master as Holly Trumbull
  • 1984 – Bedrooms like Nancy
  • 1987 –The New Owner’s Guide to Happiness as Sandy Darden
  • 2003 – Will & Grace as Si * sy Palmer-Ginsburg
  • 2017 to 2018 – Empire as Claudia
  • 2018 – The Comedy Central Roast like herself
  • 2018 – Animals as general
  • 2020 – Brave New World like Linda
  • 2020 – Dirty Diane like Diane

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Approval Agreements

Demi Moore net worth
Actress Demi Moore attends Harper’s BAZAAR 150th Anniversary event presented with Tiffany & Co at Rainbow Room. Photo credit: Gilbert Carrasquillo
Source: Getty Images

Demi has signed deals with some of the world’s biggest and most influential people premium brands. This has proven to be useful in helping him pocket millions of dollars in endorsement deals. Some of the premium brands she has worked with are:

  • Coke Light
  • Lux soap
  • L’Oreal
  • Keds
  • Oscar mayer
  • Jogging companion
  • Seibu department stores
  • Versace
  • Ann Taylor Women’s Clothing

Film production

The actress has earned millions of dollars from film production. She has produced or co-produced the following films:

  • Deadly thoughts
  • Sometimes
  • If these walls could speak
  • Austin Powers
  • GI Jane

House and cars

In 1990, the actress and her ex-husband paid $ 7 million for a 7,000 square foot penthouse in the San Remo building in Central Park, New York. The couple also bought an additional two-bedroom apartment in the same building. During the divorce settlement, the actress took over the whole house.

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In 2015 she put it on sale at a huge price $ 75 million. She sold the property two years later, in 2017, for $ 45 million. She also owns a house in Hailey, Idaho at home and Beverly Hills. She acquired the Beverly Hills mansion in 2013 for $ 3.15 million.

Demi Moore today

Why did Demi Moore stop acting? She stopped playing to focus on educating her daughters. It happened in the middle lose your mother cancer and her divorce from Willis. However, she remained active on various social media platforms.

Even with the millions of actors and actresses around the world, Demi stands out above them all. She has captured the hearts of many with her skills. Besides fame and becoming one of the highest grossing actresses, Demi Moore’s net worth has been steadily growing. shared LeBron James net worth, salary, endorsements, cars and homes. He is one of the most famous basketball players.

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He made his professional debut in 2003 playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers. The NBA MVP has accumulated his wealth through years of salary as a professional basketball player, businessman, investor and ambassador for big brands.

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