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In 2020, Ms. Malmberg co-founded the non-profit Goatapelli Foundation to train people in using goats to prevent wildfires. She said of the roughly 200 participants, only a few had started their own businesses. Start-up costs could total $ 360,000, Ms. Malmberg said, including equipment and livestock, which she raises herself.

“Lani is a leading example of someone who led the way and is a pioneer in this prescribed grazing industry,” said Brittany Cole-Bush, one of Ms. Malmberg’s mentees and owner of Shepherdess Land and Livestock in the Ojai Valley, California. “We want to support ecology as much as possible. We want to support the growth of native perennial grasses. Ms. Cole-Bush, who uses goats and sheep in her business, believes fortifying perennial grasses, rather than planting grass each year, will make the land more drought tolerant.

Ms. Malmberg, with a master’s degree in weed science from Colorado State University, spends most of the year traveling west for work. Last year, for the first time, the Bureau of Land Management contracted Ms Malmberg and her goats for fire mitigation in Carbondale, Colo.

“We thought the goats could achieve our goals with their ability to work on steep slopes,” said Kristy Wallner, rangeland management specialist for the local office of the Colorado Valley office. “It will be a useful tool that we will use to move forward.”

In the urgency of preventing the worsening of wildfires, state and local agencies that wish to remove excess weeds rely on herbicides and machinery as well as prescribed burns: intentional fires that periodically clean up the weeds. undergrowth, dead trees and other combustibles.

“Because of the forest fires, more and more people understand the emergency and are ready to try different tools beyond what they are used to,” said Jenn Balch, member of the board of directors of the Goatapelli Foundation which plans to start a business in the northeast that uses goats to restore overgrown meadows and recreation areas.

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Governor Newsom extends remote government meetings amid wildfires and ongoing pandemic https://personal-model-management.com/governor-newsom-extends-remote-government-meetings-amid-wildfires-and-ongoing-pandemic/ https://personal-model-management.com/governor-newsom-extends-remote-government-meetings-amid-wildfires-and-ongoing-pandemic/#respond Fri, 17 Sep 2021 19:31:41 +0000 https://personal-model-management.com/governor-newsom-extends-remote-government-meetings-amid-wildfires-and-ongoing-pandemic/ The bill allows agencies to meet remotely until the end of the year.

Information provided by the office of Assembly member Robert Rivas

The office of Assembly Member Robert Rivas announced that Governor Newsom signed Rivas Assembly Bill 361 on September 16. This bill will temporarily offer state agencies and local legislative bodies the ability to meet remotely in the event of an emergency, such as a wildfire or pandemic.

According to the statement, this legislation will ensure the provision of essential government services to Californians during times of crisis while maintaining high levels of transparency and public access.

“State agencies and local legislative bodies provide essential services such as water, electricity and fire protection – it is essential that the public is engaged safely in any emergency. Said Asm. Rivas. “AB 361 will allow these organizations to continue to serve their constituents remotely while requiring the public to be able to join the meeting by phone or video conference. I am grateful to Governor Newsom for enacting this bill, which will take effect immediately as we experience another record-breaking wildfire season and more COVID-19 variants. “

“While we hope that devastating emergencies never happen in our communities, AB 361 will provide local government agencies, including special districts, with the power to meet remotely to ensure the continued delivery of essential services when inevitable emergencies arise. are happening, such as floods, fires, earthquakes and even our current health emergency, ”said Neil McCormick, CEO of the California Special Districts Association.“ I congratulate Assembly Member Rivas, Governor and the legislature for their efforts on this issue to protect California communities and the services on which they depend. “

“Counties hold dozens of town hall meetings every month that must be held safely during a state of emergency, be it a pandemic, wildfire or other natural disaster.” said Graham Knaus, executive director of the California State Association of Counties. “As guardians of public health and safety, county leaders view AB 361 as a key tool for ensuring business continuity, public participation and heightened awareness in the event of an emergency.”

“Cities urgently needed AB 361 so that they could continue to provide essential services while prioritizing the health and safety of their residents and ensuring government transparency, access and government engagement. public, ”said Carolyn Coleman, general manager and CEO of the League of Cities of California. “This bill ensures that local agencies will have the flexibility to conduct government business and maintain local operations effectively and efficiently during any emergency.”

The statement added that when COVID-19 began, public agencies were to meet in person in accordance with the requirements of the Brown, Bagley-Keene and Gloria Romero laws despite shelter-in-place orders. As a result, Governor Newsom issued executive orders that temporarily waived face-to-face meeting requirements. AB 361 builds on the best practices of these decrees by allowing local legislative bodies to meet remotely during a state of emergency, as declared by the governor, until January 2024. In addition, this project This bill extends the current executive decree that allows state agencies and CSU boards to meet remotely for the next four months until January 2022.

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Saaranen appointed Houghton County Sheriff | News, Sports, Jobs https://personal-model-management.com/saaranen-appointed-houghton-county-sheriff-news-sports-jobs/ https://personal-model-management.com/saaranen-appointed-houghton-county-sheriff-news-sports-jobs/#respond Fri, 17 Sep 2021 07:04:12 +0000 https://personal-model-management.com/saaranen-appointed-houghton-county-sheriff-news-sports-jobs/


HOUGHTON – By a 2-1 vote, the Houghton County Nominating Committee named Josh Saaranen the new county sheriff.

Saaranen, who now works as a detective lieutenant for the department, said becoming a sheriff has been a long-standing goal.

“At the end of the day, I want to be the sheriff of the people and for the people, and be elected,” he said. “I accept this appointment and the responsibility of leading the department over the next year, and I am delighted to be working with all local departments in the community and working together to make Houghton County a safer place. “

Saaranen said his short-term goal was to make sure the department can come together and move forward.

“The best app we can have for the county is to have good service, which we already have, and to make sure we are serving everyone effectively,” he said.

In the long term, Saaranen would like to help address mental health issues in the region.

“The Keweenaw County Sheriff and Baraga County Sheriff have entered into a dialogue,” he said. “I am delighted to be starting to be a part of it. I am very passionate about working with the mental health system.

Saaranen also plans to work with the board to find a replacement for the current county jail. As a member of the South Range Village Council, Saaranen served on the County Prison Task Force Committee in 2019.

“It was really refreshing to see all the communities come together and start working on one goal” he said. “I really want to encourage this in the future with this problem.”

Prosecutor Brittany Bulleit and Clerk Jennifer Kelly voted for Saaranen. Estates Court Judge Fraser Strome voted for Brian Cadwell, director and chief of public safety and policing at Michigan University of Technology.

The three-person committee interviewed seven candidates last week. The members first proceeded to a secret ballot in writing to avoid influencing each other’s votes.

Each person first chose a separate candidate. Bulleit, who voted for Saaranen, said she sees the choice as a transition until voters can decide in 2022. She said she took into account the interview, the resume and the recommendations from local agencies such as Dial Help and the Ministry of Health and Human Rights. Services.

“I felt like there had to be an easy transition for someone who understood how the sheriff’s department worked” she said. “And I don’t think Brian or Tami (Sleeman) didn’t qualify, but part of the reason I picked Detective Saaranen was because I felt he could step in and move on easily. with the management of the entire sheriff’s department, having been there for so many years.

Both Saaranen and Cadwell were in the top three for Bulleit and Strome. Kelly’s choice had been Sleeman, senior special agent in the Criminal Investigations Division of the Wisconsin Department of Justice. Bulleit and Strome agreed her resume was impressive, but were concerned about the time she had spent away from the community.

After everyone discussed their choice, Kelly deliberated at the table for about three minutes. She changed her vote to Saaranen, citing her cover letter, which she said touched her.

Saaranen said he described some of his personal qualities, such as his empathy.

“A lot of people consider the police to be very tough,” he said. “This is not the kind of person I want. I worked as a narcotics officer, but another important goal of mine is rehabilitation. As such, we were trying to prosecute drug dealers, not users. I would really love to work with the treatment court, other entities to make sure that some of these people can get help for themselves and that option is available.

After the vote, Cadwell said he believed Saaranen would make a good sheriff.

“I was hoping to win the job and have him on the team to move the sheriff’s department forward, but I will support him in his efforts now,” he told the committee. “Thank you very much. You had a difficult job and you did it well.

A native of South Range, Saaranen graduated in 2004 from the Northern Michigan University Police Academy. He started with the Forsyth Township Police Department in Gwinn before returning to the area in 2007. He began working part-time with the Houghton Police Department and the Houghton County Sheriff’s Office before joining the office. full-time sheriff. He held several positions, notably in prison and on road patrol.

Saaranen replaces the late Sheriff Brian McLean, who died in July. He will serve a partial term until 2022. He has said he will run for office that year.

There was no public comment during the meeting. Former 97th District Court judge Mark Wisti submitted a letter asking the board to determine if the candidate understands that COVID-19 emergency orders are laws, and that the candidate commits to personally comply with orders and follow COVID laws and rules governing the Sheriff’s Department. and the general public.

Kelly also referred to comments made at Tuesday’s county board meeting by 2020 sheriff nominee Roger Sullivan, who said he was not allowed to participate in the nomination process. . She said she did not receive an application from him until he submitted his resume on Tuesday night.

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Westmoreland Food Bank, other agencies benefit from United Way’s “Caring Week” https://personal-model-management.com/westmoreland-food-bank-other-agencies-benefit-from-united-ways-caring-week/ https://personal-model-management.com/westmoreland-food-bank-other-agencies-benefit-from-united-ways-caring-week/#respond Thu, 16 Sep 2021 20:00:00 +0000 https://personal-model-management.com/westmoreland-food-bank-other-agencies-benefit-from-united-ways-caring-week/

More than 400 volunteers worked on more than 40 projects in all five counties, including Westmoreland, served by the United Way of Southwestern Pennsylvania during its second annual Caring Week.

“Participation is down a bit this year because some of our partner companies do not allow their employees to volunteer at the moment,” said Margie Solochier, Regional Director of Finance at Centraide.

On Thursday morning, Solochier was at the Westmoreland County Food Bank with about 20 volunteers from the Scottdale Penn Line energy company and the international pharmaceutical company Bayer to repaint an annex on the Devonshire Drive property in Salem.

“We have 16 hours a year where we can go and volunteer,” said Rich Seman, a Bayer employee. “That’s really nice.”

Dave Lynn, a Penn Line volunteer, said the company had volunteered directly with the food bank in previous years, but this was their first time connecting to the United Way.

The food bank appreciates its partnership with Centraide, said Gina Colosimo, director of volunteerism and food drives.

“Our outreach and expansion program began with financial assistance from Centraide,” said Colosimo. “And when I started here, my position was funded by a grant from the United Way.

In addition to Caring Week volunteers, Murrysville Boy Scout Thomas Hieber was also at the food bank on Thursday, working alongside his parents, Robert and Amy, to repaint the foundations of the food bank building as a Eagle Scout project for Troop 208.

“Earlier this summer, we also extended some of the landscaping to the front of the building,” Hieber said.

Caring Week volunteers in Westmoreland County also did weeding, mulching and other maintenance work at Clelian Heights School in Hempfield, helped with a fall clean up at the Action for Humane Animal Society in Latrobe, organized supplies to the non-profit Rewind-Reuse center in Export and Clean up a recently acquired farm at Westmoreland Land Trust’s Schwarz Farm in Hempfield. Overall, volunteers participated in 20 projects across the county.

Colosimo said the help from Centraide has been tremendous.

“They were there for us not only during the pandemic, but all the time,” she said.

Patrick Varine is an editor at Tribune-Review. You can contact Patrick at 724-850-2862, pvarine@triblive.com or via Twitter .

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COA did not say PS-DBM purchase of pandemic supplies was “too expensive” – ​​president https://personal-model-management.com/coa-did-not-say-ps-dbm-purchase-of-pandemic-supplies-was-too-expensive-%e2%80%8b%e2%80%8bpresident/ https://personal-model-management.com/coa-did-not-say-ps-dbm-purchase-of-pandemic-supplies-was-too-expensive-%e2%80%8b%e2%80%8bpresident/#respond Wed, 15 Sep 2021 05:46:00 +0000 https://personal-model-management.com/coa-did-not-say-ps-dbm-purchase-of-pandemic-supplies-was-too-expensive-%e2%80%8b%e2%80%8bpresident/

MANILA, Philippines – The Chairman of the Audit Commission (COA), Michael Aguinaldo, clarified Wednesday that their audit report never stated that the purchase of pandemic supplies by the Procurement Service-Department of Budget and of management (PS-DBM) was “too expensive”.

During a hearing of the House Committee on Good Government and Public Accountability, Aguinaldo explained that the “observations” in the COA report “relate more to inventory management than price overvaluation.”

House panel is investigating PS-DBM procurement of equipment for government response to COVID-19 pandemic following COA report signaling transfer by Department of Health (DOH) of 42 billion pesos in pandemic funds to agencies, including the PS-DBM.

In a separate Senate investigation, it was revealed that much of the funds were used to purchase equipment from Pharmally Pharmaceutical Corp., which sold the items at a higher price than other companies.

“The most important is the COA report on the PS-DBM statement with price overvaluation, there is no statement about it. The observations are more about inventory management than overvaluation, ”Aguinaldo said at the start of the House hearing.

COA President Michael Aguinaldo. PHOTO FILE

(What I can say is that it is not stated in the COA report on PS-DBM that there was an overvaluation, there is no statement about it. The observations relate more to inventory management as overvaluation.)

“So you should know that COA and nagsabi are too expensive, kasi wala po sinabi ‘yon. Anyway, nandito po kami to be able to clarify all the questions that the members of the committee will ask, ”he added.

(So ​​it’s not fair to say that COA was the one who said there were excessive prices, because we didn’t say so. Either way, we’re here to be able to bring clarification of any questions committee members will ask.)

The congressional investigations were an offshoot of the COA report which marked gaps in DOH spending of its 2020 COVID-19 funds. The COA report also highlighted the transfers of 42 billion pesos made by the health agency to its purchasing partners such as PS-DBM.

READ: P8.7-B drug supply agreements awarded to a small business

It was discovered that some 8.7 billion pesos of the funds had been transferred to Pharmally, which, during investigations, turned out to have only a small capital of 625,000 pesos. Therefore, the Senate investigation focused on Pharmally, which sold face masks at P27 per piece – versus another local supplier who sold the same item at just P13 each.

READ: Confession from Pharmally executive suggests Yang has deep financial ties – Gordon

During Senate hearings, it was also revealed that what Pharmally did was ask local and Chinese suppliers to supply the items, which they then delivered to the government.


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Representatives in action: September 14, 2021 | New https://personal-model-management.com/representatives-in-action-september-14-2021-new/ https://personal-model-management.com/representatives-in-action-september-14-2021-new/#respond Tue, 14 Sep 2021 09:00:00 +0000 https://personal-model-management.com/representatives-in-action-september-14-2021-new/

Stefanik calls for the adoption of the border bill

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Representative Elise Stefanik (R-Schuylerville) and U.S. Senator Steve Daines (R-Montana) recently called on Congressional leaders to take action on their bill to reopen the U.S.-Canada border.

The couple sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer (DN.Y.) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), Urging them to consider travel catering law to the northern border, which would expand the categories of travel permitted across the border to include people traveling to visit family members or property in the United States, attend business meetings or sites, or access US airports, according to a press release.

The bill would also require the US Department of Homeland Security to submit to Congress and begin implementing a plan to fully restore non-essential travel to the United States at the northern border.

In a statement, Stefanik denounced the Biden administration’s decision to keep the border closed and said small businesses and families in communities along the border should not have to suffer another month.

As Canada began allowing fully vaccinated Americans to cross the north early last month, the United States extended restrictions on travel south until September 21.

“Senator Schumer knows how devastating this prolonged closure has been for our region, and I call on him to honor his commitment to the North of the country and to put to a vote this legislation aimed at reopening the northern border,” said Stefanik.

Stefanik supports legislation on updating block grants

WASHINGTON, DC – Last week, U.S. Representative Elise Stefanik (R-Schuylerville) became one of the first co-sponsors of the Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) Modernization Act of 2021.

According to a press release, the legislation would strengthen the accountability of the CSBG program with results-oriented performance measures, improve technical assistance provided to community action agencies to improve efficiency and service delivery, and promote innovation and respond to emerging needs, including access to broadband and connected devices. .

The program supports more than 1,000 community action agencies, including the Clinton and Franklin County Joint Economic Opportunities Council, and Adirondack Community Action Programs Inc.

The bill would also re-authorize the program for an additional 10 years.

“CSBG funds are essential to support local agencies in the North of the country that fight poverty issues, including the fight against the opioid epidemic, the fight against disparities in education and the fight against poverty. hungry, ”Stefanik said in a statement.

“Local solutions are at the heart of this legislation, and I am proud to work to strengthen this program so that local organizations can continue their good work to fight poverty and expand opportunities in the north of the country. “

Stefanik calls on VA to support veterans of the Afghanistan war

WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Representative Elise Stefanik recently co-signed a letter to U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs Denis McDonough urging the VA to develop a plan to better connect veterans of the Afghanistan War and the Global War on Terrorism to the benefits essential, including mental health services.

“Our nation must never fall behind in keeping promises made to our military personnel who sacrificed themselves to defend our freedoms as Americans,” Stefanik said in a statement.

“In the aftermath of the United States’ withdrawal from Afghanistan, our veterans who served in Afghanistan and the global war on terror should never have to wonder if their service was wasted.

“We must do everything in our power to support our veterans community during this difficult time, which is why I call on the VA to immediately expand their mental health services to provide our veterans with the support they need. ‘they deserve.”

State lawmakers call for update from cell phone task force

ALBANY – Northern state lawmakers, including State Senator Dan Stec (R-Queensbury) and MPs D. Billy Jones (D-Chateaugay Lake) and Matt Simpson (R-Horicon), have recently sent a letter to Gov. Kathy Hochul’s administration urging her to provide an update on the Northern State Cellular Coverage Task Force.

Lawmakers made the same request to Cuomo’s administration in March and July of this year, but said they never received a response.

According to a press release, the task force was established and first met in September 2019 with the aim of “developing solutions to address significant gaps in cellular service in rural areas,” but did not has not formally reported on its findings or recommendations.

“With a new governor, we hope for renewed urgency on this issue,” Stec said in a statement. “We know Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul has spent a lot of time in the car driving around the state and is probably well aware of the spotty and even non-existent cell service in predominantly rural communities.

“For reasons of public safety, but also of economic development, these cellular gaps must be filled. “

Simpson highlighted the need for connectivity for modern society and how very clear this has become during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The lack of opportunity on the part of the state to aggressively address this problem to date is a reflection of bad public health policy, bad education policy and bad economic policy. “, he continued.

“With the new governor, we now have the opportunity to turn the page and make this company a model of political success that New Yorkers can be proud of.”

Jones said there are places in his district with no cell coverage and constant landline outages that leave residents with no phone service at all.

“What are they supposed to do in an emergency? This is a security concern and it is crucial that New Yorkers are made aware of the findings of the Upstate Cellular Coverage Task Force so that we can begin to work on solutions to expand the network. cell service in our Region. “

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Local events commemorate the anniversary of September 11 https://personal-model-management.com/local-events-commemorate-the-anniversary-of-september-11/ https://personal-model-management.com/local-events-commemorate-the-anniversary-of-september-11/#respond Sat, 11 Sep 2021 05:22:22 +0000 https://personal-model-management.com/local-events-commemorate-the-anniversary-of-september-11/

Organizations and agencies in New Mexico are hosting events to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the September 11 attacks. Here is a list of some events:

6:46 am at 415 Silver SW

Bernalillo County Honor Guards will silently monitor 343 sets of firefighting equipment for a total of 343 minutes in remembrance of 343 firefighters and 71 law enforcement officers killed in the attacks. There will be a wreath depot, and starting at 9 a.m., Bernalillo County firefighters will also ring four-five on a ceremonial bell on time.

• Tribute to the 9/11 Patriots at the New Mexico Veterans Memorial

11:00 a.m. to 1100 Louisiana SE

The event will feature a 50-person choir, honor guard and guest speakers, including Gold Star Mothers, as well as tributes to first responders, the military and others who died in the attacks. Face coverings are requested.

• Climbing the stairs of September 11 and commemorative ceremony at Civic Plaza

The staircase climb begins at 8:46 am, the memorial begins at 1:00 pm at 401 Second NW.

Albuquerque Fire Rescue will complete the annual 110-story stair climb to honor the 343 New York City firefighters who died in the attacks. Afterwards, a memorial will be hosted by Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, Mayor Tim Keller, Acting Fire Chief Gene Gallegos and Police Chief Harold Medina.

7:00 a.m. at 4310 Sarah SE, Rio Rancho

A hot air balloon launch and a service to commemorate the victims of the attacks. Food and drinks will be provided.

• Procession and ceremony of September 11 in Santa Fe

9:15 am Remembrance ceremony at Santa Fe Plaza.

The ceremony will feature bagpipes, a commemorative stair climb by members of the Santa Fe Fire Department and the dedication of 343 roses in honor of the 343 firefighters who lost their lives in the attacks.

• 20th anniversary of September 11 in Las Cruces

8:30 a.m. at 201 East Picacho Ave.

The Las Cruces Fire Department Honor Guard will display the colors and hold a ringing ceremony at Fire Station 1. At 9 a.m., LCFD firefighters will ascend a commemorative staircase at the Electric Caregiver Tower, but the event is closed to the public due to COVID-19 guidelines.

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City of Wheeling Fills New Homeless Liaison Station | News, Sports, Jobs https://personal-model-management.com/city-of-wheeling-fills-new-homeless-liaison-station-news-sports-jobs/ https://personal-model-management.com/city-of-wheeling-fills-new-homeless-liaison-station-news-sports-jobs/#respond Wed, 08 Sep 2021 05:27:21 +0000 https://personal-model-management.com/city-of-wheeling-fills-new-homeless-liaison-station-news-sports-jobs/

WHEELING – A new position polarizing the City of Wheeling’s payroll has been filled, and work to help address the city’s growing problem of homelessness is expected to begin later this month.

City council members created the Function Zero homeless liaison post in July. The measure was narrowly passed with a 4-3 vote. Wheeling City Manager Robert Herron announced on Tuesday afternoon that he had nominated a candidate for the new post.

“The newly created homeless liaison position has been filled,” Herron said at Tuesday’s Wheeling city council meeting. “Amanda White, who comes to us from The Health Plan has been appointed to this position, and she will take up her duties on September 20.”

After no clear consensus on the homeless liaison position was reached among city leaders earlier this summer, a proposed compromise was to make the position temporary at first. The new position “will end” in three years, and members of the next cycle of city council will have to decide whether or not to keep this full-time position on the city’s books.

Officials have indicated that success will likely determine whether the post will continue or become permanent. For some city council members, this means action must be taken to reduce or eliminate the number of people living in tents in camps across the city.

Homeless settlements have been a regular sight in the city in recent years. Tent towns have sprung up along Wheeling Creek and under city bridges. Wheeling officials noted that this is a complex issue that will likely need to involve coordination between a number of local agencies working with the local homeless community.

On Tuesday, Herron said White’s salary would be $ 48,000 and that he would be paid using the Community Development Block Grant funds through the US Housing and Urban Development.

Wheeling’s homeless plight and its struggles to find a workable solution have put the city in the spotlight statewide and even nationally for the past year or so. Time Magazine featured a report and photo exhibit on the continuing crisis in Wheeling, and the American Civil Liberties Union took legal action against the city last year after police launched a plan to suppress the state-owned camps that had become the source of a flood of criminal complaints.

In July, the homeless liaison post was created by a slim majority of council members supporting the legislation. Mayor Glenn Elliott, Deputy Mayor Chad Thalman and City Councilor Ty Thorngate supported the measure, which was introduced by the council’s health and recreation committee and chaired by the committee chair, City Councilor Rosemary Ketchum , who also voted in favor of the creation of the new post.

Councilors Ben Seidler, Jerry Sklavounakis and Dave Palmer voted against the creation of Function Zero Homeless Liaison.

Ketchum noted that other cities across the country have successfully taken similar positions to work in tandem with existing community services. Ketchum said it was a first step towards “improving relationships, building trust and ultimately creating a united front to dramatically reduce homelessness in Wheeling.”

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State Water Board order could hinder 2022 irrigation season and groundwater recharge https://personal-model-management.com/state-water-board-order-could-hinder-2022-irrigation-season-and-groundwater-recharge/ https://personal-model-management.com/state-water-board-order-could-hinder-2022-irrigation-season-and-groundwater-recharge/#respond Sat, 04 Sep 2021 06:13:03 +0000 https://personal-model-management.com/state-water-board-order-could-hinder-2022-irrigation-season-and-groundwater-recharge/

The California State Water Resources Board has issued restriction orders to 45 water rights holders in the Sacramento and San Joaquin Delta, including the Turlock Irrigation District. These controls could lead to water shortages in the years to come if left in place for an extended period.

The curtailment order orders local agencies to immediately stop diverting flows to rivers. Turlock Irrigation District, along with Modesto Irrigation District, owns and operates Don Pedro Reservoir which is a collection site for the Tuolumne River and the main source of irrigation water.

The current water year will end on October 1, and there is enough water stored for the remainder of the year, according to TID. Also on October 1, the State Water Board will review the reduction and determine whether or not to lift it.

“There isn’t really a lot of water going down anymore, so what will be stored from this very dry year is already stored. So while they’re asking for a diversion seizure, at least for TID, it’s really not impacting us this year. We will be able to meet all of our farmers’ demands this year, “said Brandon McMillan, communications specialist at TID,” However, this could have a significant impact in 2022 and beyond if the restrictions are not lifted. . “

These are the first reduction orders Turlock has faced. The National Water Board issued these same orders during the last drought in 2015. These orders were legally challenged and the state lost these restriction orders. According to McMillan, TID will potentially file a request for reconsideration with the State Water Board regarding these orders and “has not ruled out seeking an injunction.” TID is also seeking to file a legal challenge with other agencies as a joint power group called the San Joaquin Tributaries Authority.

The State Water Board said its goals for the reduction are to: Protect drinking water supplies, prevent salinity intrusion into the delta, and minimize impacts to fishing and the environment.

“TID’s position is that the Tuolumne River does not need these reduction orders because TID is meeting these targets based on our operations,” McMillan said.

According to McMillan, TID believes that local entities are best equipped to deal with water-related issues affecting their own communities.

“We belong to local interests; we have a council of five members who are local elected officials. We have local control here. Because we have this local control, we were able to make good, smart and proactive decisions. Essentially, the council was able to save water and help us get through a drought lasting several years. In this context, we always meet our requirements, or go beyond them, in terms of reserved environmental flows. We are still doing all the discharges necessary for the environment and we have already set aside water to do next year’s discharges, ”he said.

Don Pedro is currently at a low level and water, rain and snow are required to fill the reservoir.

“Much of our region’s economy is based on agriculture. Whether it is farmers or food processors, like Blue Diamond, much of the area revolves around TID having agriculture and TID having water. We have to be able to fill Don Pedro, to fill Don Pedro we have to be able to store water and we cannot store water if the reduction orders do not allow the water to flow. McMillian said. “If we go into a third year of drought, where the first two years have already been drier than the last drought, it puts us in a very difficult position to help our farmers. ”

The reduction could also have an effect on the area’s groundwater resources, which is the only source of drinking water for residents of Turlock.

“TID is the region’s largest groundwater charger. Irrigation is even more important than rain. So when farmers flood irrigated fields, this flood irrigation absorbs the aquifer and recharges it. If we can’t use it to recharge the sub-basin and recharge the groundwater, that could be a really big problem for the Town of Turlock, ”McMillan said.

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drug overdose program takes proactive approach to saving lives | New https://personal-model-management.com/drug-overdose-program-takes-proactive-approach-to-saving-lives-new/ https://personal-model-management.com/drug-overdose-program-takes-proactive-approach-to-saving-lives-new/#respond Sat, 28 Aug 2021 05:00:00 +0000 https://personal-model-management.com/drug-overdose-program-takes-proactive-approach-to-saving-lives-new/

Mayfield and Graves County will be the staging area for a new initiative to help residents who have suffered drug overdoses in the Purchasing District.

Lauren Carr, the project coordinator for the local program at the Agency for Drug Policy and Prevention, was approached in mid-July by Turning Point, a community center for recovering from drug use. They came up with a plan to help residents before any legal action, or worse, death.

For Carr, who is determined to help those suffering from drug addiction, it was obvious.

“We just want to show people that there is hope, that there are services out there, not to give up, and that there are people who will support them,” she said. .

This “Rapid Response Team” or QRT will see Turning Point “Peer Support Specialists” approach these addiction victims and offer to guide them through the long and arduous recovery process.

The way it works is that when Mayfield-Graves County Emergency Medical Services respond to an overdose call, they will subsequently report it to a law enforcement agency. This agency will then pass this information on to Carr, who will then arrange for a specialist to approach the patient about the treatment.

These specialists are also recovering from addiction and want to use their unique position to help others. The aim is to encourage patients to seek treatment before being arrested, or worse, dying of an overdose.

Brandon Fitch, the program director at Turning Point, said users would typically not find treatment until after going to jail, when options were presented to them. But with the rise of opioid drugs and fentanyl, people are dying before they even get there.

According to the Office of Drug Control Policy’s 2020 Overdose Mortality Report, which was provided by Carr, 1,964 Kentuckians died of drug overdoses last year, a 49% increase from 2019 (1316).

Nationally, more than 93,000 people died of drug overdoses in 2020; the highest ever recorded in a 12-month period. Of these deaths, an opioid was involved in 90% of them and fentanyl was involved in 70% of them.

The report also states that the COVID-19 pandemic is considered a major factor contributing to the increase in drug use.

Fitch understands that some communities and agencies might be uncomfortable with the new program, but he hopes the success of it will change their perception, because “it’s really about saving lives.”

“I think there is a bit of hesitation when you introduce a new program, new people because they care about the citizens of the county,” Fitch said. “So we hope they see the success of this program and then join them. “

“We don’t hope that an overdose will happen soon, but as soon as an overdose occurs, we are good to go right away,” he added.

Sam Peterson, who also works for Turning Point, said that, like the peer support specialists, he was also recovering. He stressed that their mission is to help people get better by contacting them earlier.

“Our goal is to help people in recovery find resources in the community, to introduce people to the recovery community,” said Peterson. “We have several peer helpers that people can work with on their own. If people need treatment, we have to try to help them find treatment. We support everyone’s recovery.

Although a police officer accompanies the specialist to the individual’s home on the first visit, Police Chief Nathan Kent said his goal was not to arrest anyone.

“Law enforcement is only involved for the initial contact with the patient and only to ensure the safety of the peer support specialist,” Kent said. “The participating law enforcement officers will be identifiable, but willfully dressed in something other than a Class A uniform.

“The goal is to get drug addicts to undergo treatment, to get them sober and to work on their recovery,” he added.

Fitch said the idea behind a QRT originated around Cincinnati, and Kentucky cities such as Louisville and Lexington have already implemented this “new approach” to overdoses. It came to fruition with the Kentucky Opioid Response Effort Foundation Grant.

Another underlying goal of Turning Point is to change the public’s perception of people who suffer from drug overdoses. Fitch said drug overdoses are indiscriminate killers and it’s important to give people with “life-saving drugs and treatments” before it’s too late.

“We really want to fight the stigma there,” he said. “Having an overdose is not something we have to hide. It’s embarrassing, there’s a lot of shame and guilt associated with it, but we need to talk about it.

This partnership will involve officials from ASAP, Turning Point, the Mayfield Police Department, the Graves County Sheriff’s Office and the Mayfield-Graves County Emergency Medical Service.

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