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Helicopter pilot Desiree Horton had more experience fighting aerial fires than any of her colleagues from the Orange County Fire Authority when she arrived from the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection from California two years ago to become the local agency’s first female pilot.

But that did not prevent OCFA from firing her before the end of her one-year probationary period and labeling her unfit for training despite more than 30 years as a pilot, 16 of whom have fought the fires. for state and federal agencies.

Horton is now suing OCFA for sex discrimination and is seeking to end what she and her lawyers call a “boy’s club mentality.” Horton said she knew there was a “real risk of her being blacklisted” from the profession she loves, but she must fight for those who follow in her footsteps.

“I cared about protecting life and land across the state. It was my dream job. I’m a resident of Orange County, ”Horton said Wednesday at a press conference explaining his decision to file a complaint. “It’s clear to me that OCFA prepared me for failure and I never had the opportunity to succeed.

“I want to get my job back. Let me fly, ”she said.

The lawsuit, which was filed last month and seeks unspecified damages from firefighters and senior pilot Jack Matiasevich, alleges that since Horton joined the Orange County agency from Cal Fire in 2019, she has is subject to “unfair scrutiny by male pilots, crew chiefs and helicopter technicians.” She was also subjected to higher standards than her male counterparts and did not have the same training opportunities, the lawsuit says.

Horton, who broke a similar glass ceiling for female pilots at Cal Fire, said that at OCFA she was undermined, disrespectful, disparaged and felt incompetent because she was a woman.

“Desiree is a trailblazer who has risked her life countless times to save Californians’ homes. … All she wants is to be treated equally, ”said Jen Rangel, one of Horton’s lawyers. “She had been told that OCFA was a boys’ club.”

When Horton started working for OCFA, she had 9,000 hours of flight experience. Rangel said unlike some of Horton’s colleagues, who learned to fight fires from the air while on the job, the veteran firefighting pilot had been doing so for over a decade. His hiring came with conditions that new male employees did not face, according to the lawsuit.

“Despite passing numerous internal flight evaluations and obtaining an instrument rating, OCFA falsely claimed it was not good enough,” said the lawyer.

“OCFA’s flight operations lack transparency, standardization and documentation in the training and evaluation of its firefighter pilots. Rangel said an assessment of the training’s third-party management found it “to be rife with abuse.”

The Orange County Fire Authority has not commented on the lawsuit.

Female pilots are rare, accounting for less than 7% of those licensed across the country. And female helicopter pilots are even rarer. Among the female firefighter pilots, Horton is one of the few.

Once nicknamed “Chopper Chick” in less enlightened times, Horton became a regular on Los Angeles television as a new chopper driver, known for filming infamous car chases and other incidents early in his career. pilot career.

She broke into firefighting as a rescue pilot for the US Forest Service, working for that agency from 2005 to 2013, when she was hired by Cal Fire, the third largest firefighting service. country fires with large air operations. It took off from San Bernardino, tackling some of the most dangerous terrain and wildfires in the country.

When she joined OCFA, Horton became one of about 20 women out of a force of over 1,200. That 2% female presence is well below the national level, the captain said. from OCFA firefighters Lauren Andrade, who supports Horton’s efforts to end discrimination.

“I wish I could say this is the first time I’ve heard of a firefighter discriminated against because of his gender or race, but that’s far from the truth,” said the veteran of 17-year-old firefighting. Andrade said the department had a “pattern of discrimination” against under-represented groups.

“Enough is enough,” Andrade said. “It’s time to pull back the ‘orange curtain’ and hold people to account.”

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Mandanas decision offers opportunities to improve service delivery through increased decentralization https://personal-model-management.com/mandanas-decision-offers-opportunities-to-improve-service-delivery-through-increased-decentralization/ https://personal-model-management.com/mandanas-decision-offers-opportunities-to-improve-service-delivery-through-increased-decentralization/#respond Thu, 10 Jun 2021 05:08:52 +0000 https://personal-model-management.com/mandanas-decision-offers-opportunities-to-improve-service-delivery-through-increased-decentralization/

MANILA, JUNE 10, 2021 – Addressing financial resource inequality among local government units (LGUs), improving LGU capacity, and strengthening transparency and accountability are key to improving decentralization as the country begins to implement. implements the Mandanas decision in 2022, increasing the share of national government tax revenues transferred to local governments.

These are part of the recommendations of the Philippines Economic Update recently published by the World Bank.

Following the Mandanas Supreme Court ruling in 2018 (and upheld in 2019), the IRA is expected to increase by 55% in the 2022 budget, reaching 1.08 trillion pesos or 4.8% of gross domestic product of the country against 3.5. % of GDP in 2021.

“We see the implementation of the Mandanas decision not only as a transfer of resources, but as an opportunity to strengthen decentralization and improve the delivery of social services in the Philippines”, mentionned Ndiame Diop, World Bank Country Director of Brunei, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. “If this decision leads to better coordination in planning and implementation between levels of government, taking into account the capacities and needs of LGUs, it could improve the lives of people and communities, especially those who are remote from the country’s economic growth centers. “

“Local governments are on the ground and can directly feel the needs and aspirations of citizens”, Diop added. “Therefore, decentralization encourages rapid responses and a better match of government services to local needs, making governance more inclusive. This is especially true if citizens have effective channels through which their voices are heard to strengthen accountability. “

In order to mitigate the fiscal impact of transferring additional financial resources to LGUs, the national government has started to identify spending responsibilities for certain mandates to be transferred to local government.

However, some local governments have started to express concerns about their financial and technical capacity to absorb the reconverted mandates, while retaining full autonomy in the planning and management of additional resources from the Mandanas decision. Under-spending by local governments can worsen, as many local governments lack the capacity to absorb a significant increase in income.

As a result, the government faces a significant risk that the transition process could lead to a significant gap in service delivery, as a lack of coordination between national and local government and weak implementation capacity could delay implementation. transition to increased decentralization.

According to World Bank Economist Kevin Cruz, addressing the weaknesses in planning and coordination is a first step towards managing the transition and improving decentralization.

“The national government should clearly define the redeployed functions and communicate them clearly to national government agencies and local government units” mentionned Cruz. “Authorities need to ensure that the development goals of national and local governments are well aligned and that service delivery gaps are minimized, especially during this unprecedented crisis. This will require the national government and local government units to reconsider the division of labor between national government agencies and local government units as part of the redistribution of functions, while keeping fiscal and absorption capacity in mind.

Other recommendations for managing the transition due to the Mandanas decision include:

  • Channel the increase in IRA into local government response efforts to COVID-19 to mitigate budget execution risks while providing much needed support to local voters;
  • Provide capacity building support to local government units to improve their implementation capacity and overall service delivery;
  • Address inequalities between LGUs by providing targeted support to poor local governments that lack adequate capacity and resources; and
  • Strengthen the capacity of citizens to hold people to account through measures such as citizen participation in budgeting and expenditure processes; public hearings on budget information; civic monitoring of intergovernmental transfers; monitoring of local service delivery; and social audits.

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How better data can help California avoid a drinking water crisis https://personal-model-management.com/how-better-data-can-help-california-avoid-a-drinking-water-crisis/ https://personal-model-management.com/how-better-data-can-help-california-avoid-a-drinking-water-crisis/#respond Wed, 09 Jun 2021 12:25:00 +0000 https://personal-model-management.com/how-better-data-can-help-california-avoid-a-drinking-water-crisis/

In summary

Drought reporting systems can predict where wells will dry up and help communities prepare to act before they run out of water.

and Alva Escriva-Bou, special at CalMatters

Alvar Escriva-Bou is a researcher at the Public Policy Institute of California Water Policy Center, escriva@ppic.org.

The drought is here and we are starting to feel the effects.

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California DA seeks information from federal agencies on San Jose shooter https://personal-model-management.com/california-da-seeks-information-from-federal-agencies-on-san-jose-shooter/ https://personal-model-management.com/california-da-seeks-information-from-federal-agencies-on-san-jose-shooter/#respond Tue, 08 Jun 2021 19:53:00 +0000 https://personal-model-management.com/california-da-seeks-information-from-federal-agencies-on-san-jose-shooter/

A California prosecutor said federal authorities did not provide any information gathered five years ago about the man who killed nine people at his workplace in San Jose on May 26, calling the lack of intelligence sharing public safety issue.

US customs and border protection officials arrested Samuel Cassidy in 2016 as he returned from the Philippines to the United States, finding books on terrorism and notes about his hatred for his workplace, according to a memo internal Ministry of Internal Security written in the hours following the shooting.

Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen said neither CBP nor the Department of Homeland Security gave local officials investigating the shooting any information they had about Cassidy, who fatally shot himself after killing nine colleagues from the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority. It was the deadliest mass shooting in Bay Area history

A vigil for the victims was held on May 27 in San José.


amy osborne / Agence France-Presse / Getty Images

“It appears to be a missed opportunity to brief local law enforcement,” said Rosen, who added that although CBP’s contact with Cassidy took place five years ago, it seemed relate to “what this person ultimately did”.

Had CBP informed local authorities of the 2016 shutdown prior to the shooting, local authorities could have taken steps to intervene with Cassidy and prevent the killings, possibly through a restraining order. gun violence, Rosen said. He added that while he understood that the agency may have its reasons for not sharing the information, it did not disclose them.

The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority has not received any information about Cassidy from any federal agency, according to a spokesperson.

A spokesperson for the Department of Homeland Security, which oversees CBP, declined to comment on its initial Cassidy shutdown and information-sharing policies with local authorities, citing the continued investigation.

Officials from the Department of Homeland Security communicate regularly with local police officials through formal communications and alerts as well as regular working group meetings.

In the Cassidy case, there may have been legal reasons why CBP did not share information, said Ron Vitiello, former acting deputy commissioner of CBP who later served as acting director of Immigration. and Customs Enforcement.

When border officials find evidence of criminal activity, they often share that information with other law enforcement agencies, he said. In Cassidy’s case, he said, the materials found may not have been illegal and officials may have only written an intelligence report recording the incident. Mr Vitiello said CBP may also be reluctant, for legal reasons, to share information collected under customs laws with law enforcement.

Mr Rosen said he was concerned federal officials may have arrested other potentially violent people who live in his community but failed to provide this information to local police, and expressed frustration at a bureaucratic process. prolonged with the officials of the CPB and DHS which did not give any result. documents on Cassidy.

“I don’t want to have to pull my teeth out to get the information,” he said. “I want us to share the information our organizations need to protect our community. “

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Amid wave of gun violence, local cops get help from federal government – NBC 6 South Florida https://personal-model-management.com/amid-wave-of-gun-violence-local-cops-get-help-from-federal-government-nbc-6-south-florida/ https://personal-model-management.com/amid-wave-of-gun-violence-local-cops-get-help-from-federal-government-nbc-6-south-florida/#respond Tue, 08 Jun 2021 01:45:21 +0000 https://personal-model-management.com/amid-wave-of-gun-violence-local-cops-get-help-from-federal-government-nbc-6-south-florida/

As a wave of gun violence incidents sweep through Miami-Dade County, you can expect local law enforcement agencies to seek help from their federal counterparts.

The FBI and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, known as ATF, can provide essential expertise, and federal prosecutors can use laws beyond the reach of state prosecutors.

The ATF is already assisting Miami-Dade Police with their investigation into the social room shooting incident in which 21 people were shot and three died.

“The federal government has a long history of helping local and state governments fight this type of activity,” said David Weinstein, a former federal prosecutor who now works for Jones Walker.

“That doesn’t mean state and local authorities can’t tackle this type of activity, but it often takes the influence and importance of the federal government to get the message across.”

Today, by way of example, Weinstein’s former colleagues at the United States Attorney’s Office in Miami announced the indictment of a man in a South Florida gang investigation, claiming he had an arsenal of firearms and ammunition in his apartment, including illegal machine guns. Weinstein says there are major advantages to indicting him in the federal system.

“By using the federal government and the resources of the federal government, you can move these cases through the system faster, often the sentence associated with these cases is heavier than the sentence that would be received by a state court,” he said. Weinstein said.

ATF also has a sophisticated database system called the National Integrates Ballistic Information Network, called NIBIN, which can link different crime scenes. It is a valuable tool for local law enforcement agencies dealing with gang violence.

“The beauty of NIBIN is that you get evidence from a lot of different crime scenes, so the connection that NIBIN makes allows us to take the cases, maybe a palm print, maybe DNA, and connect them to that gun evidence and tie it all together, ”the colonel explained. Timothy Scanlon of the Jefferson Parrish Sheriff’s Office near New Orleans.

He was speaking in a video produced by ATF, describing how NIBIN helped his agency resolve a mass shooting incident.

One of the other tools that federal prosecutors can use is the federal RICO racketeering law, which can help them make connections between different crimes. This is how they brought down the gangs in Liberty City and Overtown years ago, and they can start over now.

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Poor air quality can cause more than a sniffle https://personal-model-management.com/poor-air-quality-can-cause-more-than-a-sniffle/ https://personal-model-management.com/poor-air-quality-can-cause-more-than-a-sniffle/#respond Sun, 06 Jun 2021 14:30:00 +0000 https://personal-model-management.com/poor-air-quality-can-cause-more-than-a-sniffle/

If you have occasional coughing, sneezing, dry skin, headaches, and shortness of breath, check your air quality forecast.

Poor air quality, sometimes caused by air pollution, can make the air you breathe very unhealthy.

What would you like to know

  • Sensitive groups can get seriously ill from unhealthy air
  • Air pollution can even trigger heart attacks
  • Pay attention to air quality alerts and daily unhealthy air forecasts

Major health problems

Poor air quality can lead to more than coughing and sneezing. If you have asthma, lung disease, bronchitis, or any other breathing problem, unhealthy air is especially harmful.

Heart disease is also a major problem, and air pollution can trigger heart attacks, irregular heartbeats, and strokes.

According to AirNow, a website that combines federal and local agencies that monitor air quality, air pollution can affect people with heart failure and reduce the heart’s ability to pump blood normally.

If a person has asthma, two main air pollutants can make it worse or trigger an attack.

Ozone and particulate pollution can make a person with asthma or lung disease more likely to have symptoms. Ozone in smog and particulate air pollution in haze, smoke and dust trigger the most attacks.

When is it bad?

During hot summer days, ozone is worst, especially in the afternoon and early evening. Particulate pollution is generally bad all year round and when the weather is calm. On calm days, air pollution builds up and particulates can increase.

According to AirNow, particle levels will rise near busy roads when there is smoke in the air and around factories or during peak hours.


Here are some tips that can help you stay safe when the air is unhealthy:

• Find the air quality forecast for your area using the Spectrum app or the website for alerts or you can visit airnow.gov

• Use the Air Quality Index to plan your daily activities if you have breathing problems (see table below)

• Pay attention to your symptoms when you are physically active.

Stay proactive and aware of your air quality. When you find yourself in an unhealthy air, take precautions.

If you see an air quality alert for your area, plan your day accordingly and try not to be outside for long periods of time.

(EPA Photo / Airnow.gov)

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Capitol Police to organize first joint training exercise on Capitol grounds since riots https://personal-model-management.com/capitol-police-to-organize-first-joint-training-exercise-on-capitol-grounds-since-riots/ https://personal-model-management.com/capitol-police-to-organize-first-joint-training-exercise-on-capitol-grounds-since-riots/#respond Sat, 05 Jun 2021 20:46:59 +0000 https://personal-model-management.com/capitol-police-to-organize-first-joint-training-exercise-on-capitol-grounds-since-riots/

Five months after the violence resume from the United States Capitol, “a routine training exercise” will be held Monday morning by federal, state and local agencies on the Capitol grounds.

the Saturday announcement on Twitter speak United States Capitol Police about the joint exercise warned: “Don’t worry if you see emergency vehicles and helicopters flying at low altitude.” A message about the Washington DC event Metropolitan Police Department added: “Meanwhile, vehicles and emergency personnel can be seen moving around the field.”

It is believed to be the first such exercise to be conducted on the Capitol grounds since the government building was taken over on January 6. No information was provided on the agencies that will participate in the exercise, the number of people involved or the scenarios that will serve as a basis for the training.

In response to a request for details of the exercise, Capitol Police said, “The only details we are disclosing at the moment are what we are tweeting. We have done similar exercises in the past.

The law enforcement agency did not immediately respond to a request for additional details such as the size and scope of the exercise or what prompted it to schedule the event now. Requests for comment and information on the exercise of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and the U.S. Secret Service were not immediately responded to.

Two weeks ago the last contingent National Guard troops called to protect the Capitol following the riots have left Washington. The fence that had been hastily erected around the perimeter of the Capitol was dismantled in March.

As I have written in previous articles, the January riots provided several lessons in crisis management for business leaders. The exercise scheduled for next week will provide another lesson: the importance of preparing for the next crisis and testing crisis management plans, procedures and policies to ensure they will work when needed.

the House Administration Committee, who oversees the Capitol Police, has several public hearings on the events of January 6. Last month, the House passed legislation to establish a bipartite commission to investigate the riots. Republicans blocked measurement to be adopted by the Senate.

According to USA Today, “Federal prosecutors have charged more than 400 people in more than 40 states for participating in the January 6 riot on the United States Capitol, and arrests continue almost daily.”

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Agencies Receive Update on Pre-Disaster Mitigation | Local News https://personal-model-management.com/agencies-receive-update-on-pre-disaster-mitigation-local-news/ https://personal-model-management.com/agencies-receive-update-on-pre-disaster-mitigation-local-news/#respond Sat, 05 Jun 2021 05:00:00 +0000 https://personal-model-management.com/agencies-receive-update-on-pre-disaster-mitigation-local-news/

Katy Westbrook, CEO of Lux Mitigation and Planning in Ellijay, continued to facilitate the update of Spalding County’s disaster risk mitigation plan during a meeting Thursday at the Senior Center in Griffin.

Hired by the Council of Commissioners, Westbrook oversaw the finale of several sessions (all this year) devoted to the disaster risk mitigation plan.

The objective of this component is to assess the natural and anthropogenic hazards that could potentially impact Spalding County (including Griffin, Sunny Side and Orchard Hill), then identify actions (mitigation strategies) that can be taken in advance to reduce these impacts on people and property in the county and its municipalities, Westbrook said.

Various agencies throughout the county including, but not limited to Spalding County Fire Department / Emergency Management Agency, Griffin Fire-Rescue, Griffin Police Department, Parks of the Spalding County, public land and recreation service; Fish from Sun City; and WellStar as well as the Griffin-Spalding County School System had representatives at the meeting.

An update of the plan is required every five years by federal and Georgian emergency management agencies in order to qualify for state and federal funding, among others.

The last such update was made in 2015.

The final stages of approval include submitting the plan to the Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA) for review, obtaining local council approval or passage, and then requesting review by the Federal Emergency. Management Agency (FEMA) and finally the final adoption by Griffin, Orchard Hill and Sunny Side. .

One of the common changes suggested by several agencies present during Thursday’s session was to secure generators, both portable and permanent, for their services to use in the event of disaster or danger.

The most likely hazards identified in previous sessions included:

1. Severe thunderstorms (heavy rain, lightning, hail and straight winds)

4. Harsh winter (snow, sleet, etc.)

5. Special pathogen / highly infectious disease

T6. Transport incident (highway, rail, air)

T8. Failure of infrastructure (pipelines, utilities, natural gas)

T8. Communication failure

T10. Tropical storm evacuees

T10. Tropical cyclones (tropical depression, tropical storm and hurricane)

T10. Hazardous materials incident

T17. Terrorism (cyber, active shooter)

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Dodd hopes the water bill will help those who run into debt | Local News https://personal-model-management.com/dodd-hopes-the-water-bill-will-help-those-who-run-into-debt-local-news/ https://personal-model-management.com/dodd-hopes-the-water-bill-will-help-those-who-run-into-debt-local-news/#respond Fri, 04 Jun 2021 18:19:00 +0000 https://personal-model-management.com/dodd-hopes-the-water-bill-will-help-those-who-run-into-debt-local-news/

“COVID has only made it worse. The same with the electricity and gas bills. It’s just gotten really worse since COVID.”

“No one should be denied access, regardless of income level or economic status,” Dodd said in a press release earlier this week, with the Senate vote “a step to ensure that customers low-income earners get the help they need to keep the tap on. I thank my colleagues in the Senate for supporting this measure.

Senate Bill 222 would prevent cuts by creating a water fund for low-income taxpayers in economic difficulty. It would build on Dodd’s previous legislation. Its Low-Income Water Rate Assistance Act, or Assembly Bill 401, commissioned a study on how to deal with affordability. It resulted in recommendations including this new fund. He also wrote The Water Shutoff Protection Act, or SB 998, which offered important safeguards against water disconnections.

Another water bill drafted by Dodd, Senate Bill 626, passed the Senate on Wednesday 36-2.

The Water Projects Bill would streamline improvements to the state’s obsolete central water distribution system.

“Water is the lifeblood of our state and drought underscores the need to update our aging water infrastructure,” said Dodd. “This legislation will speed up the procurement process so that supplies continue to flow to our communities and our farmers.”

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Permian Basin Predator Patrol shares information with law enforcement agencies to help catch potential violators https://personal-model-management.com/permian-basin-predator-patrol-shares-information-with-law-enforcement-agencies-to-help-catch-potential-violators/ https://personal-model-management.com/permian-basin-predator-patrol-shares-information-with-law-enforcement-agencies-to-help-catch-potential-violators/#respond Fri, 04 Jun 2021 00:50:00 +0000 https://personal-model-management.com/permian-basin-predator-patrol-shares-information-with-law-enforcement-agencies-to-help-catch-potential-violators/

This group was founded in May 2021 on Facebook and YouTube.

ECTOR COUNTY, Texas – A local social media group has taken off. They call their outings “predator captures”. It’s actually three West Texans on a mission to expose people they say are Permian predators.

A wife from Odessa, her husband and her brother-in-law have taken social media by storm in recent weeks. Their videos only show the people they are confronted with, they never show up, so we decided not to show them either.

“You never know who you are talking to behind a phone screen or a computer screen,” Permian Basin Predator Patrol video editor said.

It was this theory that helped them come up with the idea of ​​exposing people they think were wrongdoers.

“There have been some that we’ve been about to catch, but then they ghost us and we plan to catch as many as possible until, hopefully, by some unknown miracle, they decide.” hey, let’s never talk to a 15-no one-year-old, “the video editor said.” We want them to leave in the vehicle to show that no harm has come to them and that no harm has come. came to us. And we make sure they leave peacefully, and also that if anyone else was watching us and overhearing the conversation, didn’t interfere with wanting to get physical or anything with them. “

Law enforcement, like the Ector County Sheriff’s Office, is working with other agencies to investigate and make sure everyone stays safe.

“These people are facing them, so the danger is that if these people have a gun, they assault, it could go so bad so fast,” said Shirley Hardee, public information officer for the Ector County Sheriff’s Office. .

MPs say they’ve never seen a band like this in West Texas before, but they’re following closely.

“Civilians are not equipped to have the knowledge that we do as police officers and how to approach the situation, and we are doing it with the legality of what we can and cannot do,” Hardee said.

So far, the group says it has shared all the information it has learned about these predators with law enforcement.

Only time will tell if these predators will end up in more serious problems.

Since its inception, the Permian Basin Predator Patrol has posted videos of 5 people wanting to meet miners.

None of the people in these videos have been convicted.

For now, the group say they carry pepper spray with them, but some volunteers in the group have guns and are allowed to carry them.

Another thing to note, one of the men exposed by this group was wearing an Ector County Assessment District shirt when he was caught.

After calling the district this afternoon, NewsWest 9 learned that this man was no longer an employee with them.

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