Fashion model

Sewing week brings romance back to life

Jordan Dalah opens Australian Fashion Week with his ready-to-wear collection.Credit:Lucas dawson Much like the company’s costume balls that were all the rage in Coco Chanel’s 1930s Paris, the collection was a romantic image of the past. A line can be drawn between two very “intense” periods of history and a …

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The amateur NCAA model is dead

Like many southerners, I grew up in college sport. They are in my blood like a lifelong fascination, bordering on obsession. I love college sports and always will. I just grew up not to like them very much. Such awareness did not come suddenly, but it is as tangible as …

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Audi Q7 TDI 2021: Q7th sky

Drive the SUV with a genius IQ HOW THE GERMANS can make a very understated looking car while endowing it with the aggressiveness and authority that only a Teutonic design can impart never ceases to amaze me. Case in point: the new Audi Q7 2021. It has one of the …

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