Capitol Police to organize first joint training exercise on Capitol grounds since riots

Five months after the violence resume from the United States Capitol, “a routine training exercise” will be held Monday morning by federal, state and local agencies on the Capitol grounds.

the Saturday announcement on Twitter speak United States Capitol Police about the joint exercise warned: “Don’t worry if you see emergency vehicles and helicopters flying at low altitude.” A message about the Washington DC event Metropolitan Police Department added: “Meanwhile, vehicles and emergency personnel can be seen moving around the field.”

It is believed to be the first such exercise to be conducted on the Capitol grounds since the government building was taken over on January 6. No information was provided on the agencies that will participate in the exercise, the number of people involved or the scenarios that will serve as a basis for the training.

In response to a request for details of the exercise, Capitol Police said, “The only details we are disclosing at the moment are what we are tweeting. We have done similar exercises in the past.

The law enforcement agency did not immediately respond to a request for additional details such as the size and scope of the exercise or what prompted it to schedule the event now. Requests for comment and information on the exercise of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and the U.S. Secret Service were not immediately responded to.

Two weeks ago the last contingent National Guard troops called to protect the Capitol following the riots have left Washington. The fence that had been hastily erected around the perimeter of the Capitol was dismantled in March.

As I have written in previous articles, the January riots provided several lessons in crisis management for business leaders. The exercise scheduled for next week will provide another lesson: the importance of preparing for the next crisis and testing crisis management plans, procedures and policies to ensure they will work when needed.

the House Administration Committee, who oversees the Capitol Police, has several public hearings on the events of January 6. Last month, the House passed legislation to establish a bipartite commission to investigate the riots. Republicans blocked measurement to be adopted by the Senate.

According to USA Today, “Federal prosecutors have charged more than 400 people in more than 40 states for participating in the January 6 riot on the United States Capitol, and arrests continue almost daily.”

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