Ashley Callingbull signs prestigious contract with Next Models

Ashley Callingbull was recruited by a leading modeling agency.

The fashion industry has traditionally lacked representation of Indigenous peoples in fashion shows and magazines, but in recent years there has been a push for diversity representation across Turtle Island.

Alberta Cree Beauty from the Enoch Cree Nation is leading the way by portraying Cree women in Canadian fashion.

Callingbull recently signed a prestigious contract with Next Models. This new venture places her among the best Canadian female models. The main Canadian agency represents top international models like Crista Cober, Jenna Earle, Kim Cloutier and Yasmin Warsame.

Referring to the signing with NEXT modeling, former Ms. Universe said, “I never thought I would see it.”

Callingbull explained that it was her September 2021 cover for Fashion Magazine and the success that followed her release that caught her attention from Canada’s Top Modeling Agency.

In Fashion Magazine, Callingbull was able to shed light on the trauma caused by the residential school system in Canada on her Cree family and from her grandparents’ perspective.

The global photo shoot for Fashion Magazine featured Indigenous representation, from star Ashley on the cover to outfits from Angela DeMontigny, a great Canadian fashion designer of Cree-Métis heritage, and earrings from Warren Steven Scott. , an indigenous queer man from Nlaka. ‘pamux.

“Due to the success, I ended up being signed by Next Models. It’s such a huge organization to be a part of. I’m excited, ”Callingbull said.

“I’ve been a model for a long time. I started when we first met (referencing the author of this article) at Western Canada Fashion Week.

Callingbull said these early experiences at Western Canada Fashion Week exposed her to the fashion world.

According to the WFCW website, “they were established in 2003 and have become nationally recognized fashion and design events and the second largest fashion week in Canada.”

Callingbull has come a long way since those days at WCFW.

She shared a personal story of when she realized her star was rising in Canada. “I made my first billboard for Hillberg & Berk, a major Canadian jewelry company. I was driving downtown Toronto with my sister and she showed me the notice board. My sister told me that I looked powerful and strong. Hearing this from my younger sister meant a lot.

She explained that Aboriginal women “look at my billboard in Toronto and see what’s possible. That’s why representation is important because it helps Indigenous youth dream of possibilities.

Callingbull spoke about his struggle with shyness and insecurity as a young native. “I used to be that insecure girl on the reserve,” she said. “When I was young, no one chased the things I wanted to chase.

“I was that insecure little girl who had no dreams.

“I grew up, I evolved; I learned to love and respect myself for the way the Creator made me.

His advice to young people is that they should surround themselves with positivity. The people in your life have an impact on your success or not.

“The people you surround yourself with really determine where you go in life,” Callingbull said. “I believe if you surround yourself with positive people who want to uplift you and who are focused on what’s best for you and who bring out the best in you as a person, these are your true friends,” Callingbull said. .

She said to stay away from toxic people who just want to shoot you; try to use yourself; move away from your goals or live for now. “For example, stay away from people who say let’s go party instead of focusing on school.”

“Ask yourself how is this going to amplify my life?” How will this improve me as a person? “These are things you need to think about when it comes to your future,” she added.

Callingbull cannot stress enough the importance of creating supportive circles of friends if you are aiming to be successful in this life.

She has created a positive support team around her that pushes her to excel in her dreams and aspirations.

“I have completely changed, I have grown and I can’t wait to see who I am going to be in the future,” Callingbull said.

Callingbull is currently dating former professional hockey center Wacey Rabbit, a member of the Blood Tribe.

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