Angela reveals makeover in new video and Syngin Reacts

90 Day Fiancé star Angela Deem shows off her incredible modeling skills after losing 90 pounds. Syngin Colchester complimented her with some fiery emojis.

Old 90 Day Fiancé: Forever Star Angela Deem showed off her new makeover in a model video and new bachelor Syngin Colchester couldn’t help but leave her some red hearts. Many fans may recall that Angela underwent weight loss surgery in August 2020. Even though her Nigerian husband, Michael Ilesanmi, didn’t want her to have the surgery, she took the risk and suffered. five operations in one day. During the Tell-All special of 90 Day Fiancé: Forever Season 6, Angela flaunted her body, which stunned all of her co-stars and show host Shaun Robinson.

Angela has reportedly lost around 90 pounds by now and seems to feel much better about herself after weight loss surgery. She has attended different events in New York City, spent time with friends and partied in Las Vegas. A few weeks ago, she was also spotted showing off her new, slimmer figure on the streets of Beverly Hills. While many fans celebrate Angela’s biggest achievement in 2021, others believe she looked great even before weight loss surgery. Alas, some fans are so annoyed by Angela that they leave negative comments on her social media. Some are also trying to get her banned from all TLC shows.

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She recently hit back at enemies by showing off her makeover in a modeling video. Looks like Angela did a photoshoot where she was wearing a blue jumpsuit and orange colored high heels. She enjoyed the shoot and gave the camera happy, confident looks. Angela is well aware of the reaction of her detractors, which is why she captioned the video as “For all enemies. I love you too.“After seeing Angela’s sleek look after weight loss, Syngin commented:”live your best life,and left some red hearts and fiery emojis. The video was reposted by the Instagram account @ ibtrash.talkin.

Angela considers Michael Tell-All in 90 day fiancé

The South African reality TV star doesn’t typically comment on his co-star’s Instagram posts, but it looks like he’s genuinely happy for Angela. During this time, 90 day fiancé star Elizabeth Potthast wrote about Angela’s incredible modeling video, “You are the best. I love you.” A fan stepped in, “You look good, and that shows you feel good too. “

It’s nice to see that Angela is happy with her new body after her massive weight loss. It also appears that she has finally recovered from all of her surgeries and no longer feels sleepy. However, many are interested in knowing the reason for this photoshoot. Angela, who was recently spotted with YouTuber JoJo Siwa, hasn’t revealed if she’s modeling snaps for a new spin-off or just celebrating her 90-pound weight loss. She could pose for stills for the next season of 90 Day Fiancé: Forever.

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Source: @ ibtrash.talkin / Instagram, Angela Deem / Instagram

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