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An exclusive interview with top model and influencer Samhaa Awadallah

“An exclusive interview with model and influencer Samhaa Awadallah”

The evolution of style and fashion is constantly changing and adapting to our current world, but we would be nowhere without the influential models and influencers who led the way with their legendary ensembles and fearless attitudes. Samhaa Awadallah is one of the most influential fashion icons who literally oozes style.

1) Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Samhaa Awadallah, I am an Egyptian model and influencer based in Qatar, Doha. I started my blog 3 years ago as a creative outlet and opportunity to share both my amazing wardrobe and the variety of styles available to other women looking to be unique in both their style and their appearance.

2) Was being a “fashion blogger” a dream or a career you were looking for?

Indeed, I’ve always imagined the life behind my camera lenses and it’s all because of my love for beauty and creativity. I find myself in modeling, so I can’t say that modeling is as easy as a career for me. It is much more than that, it is the main source from which I draw my confidence, my insistence and my strength.

3) Can you tell us more about modeling?

Most people assume that modeling is a job where models just sit around to look pretty and do photoshoots, but it is a very difficult and demanding industry. It takes a confident and insistent person to tackle the deep world of fashion and always deliver a stunning photo at all times. A model needs to be aware of her outward appearance, take care of her diet, follow a skin care session and all to give the best eye-catching image ever.

4) Have you ever changed your style for the good of your career?

There’s no doubt that my style has changed over the years, and now I’m more exposed to social life and the cameras. I feel responsible for staying on track and finding the right ways to inspire other women to succeed. I promote brands, I do styling sessions, I attend many events and you could say that fashion lives in me, but during all these years I have built my identity and I have been able to portray the most beautiful looks.

5) As a model, do you think you managed to capture people’s interest?

In fact, I have a high number of followers on my social media platforms, but sometimes we can’t rely on the numbers. I think I was able to do my best, and I do my best in every new job, so why not get their attention!

6) What brands and stores do you recommend?

I have done countless collaborations with different national and international brands including Dkny, Splash, Center point, Stevemaden, Dune, Swarovski, Birkenstock, Radisson Blu Hotel, Swati Lenses, Eyewa and many more.

seven) Are you working on future projects?

Of course, I have future projects and collaboration with new and famous makeup artists and fashion designers, but I will keep a surprise… So stay tuned and follow my recent ones.

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