Amanda Van Annan publishes guide for models titled “Win the Runway”

Amanda Van Annan, an experienced model who wants to share her knowledge about the industry after many years. Overcoming many obstacles along the way, Amanda reached the peak of success as a model and decided to write a book to help aspiring models on their journey through the modeling industry. With “Win ​​the Runway”, she wants to help aspiring models reach the top by providing them with the information they need to familiarize themselves with a highly competitive industry.

The modeling gives the impression of being easily seen from the outside. However, Amanda is ready to debunk all of these myths about this career in her new book. In it, she touches on hot and sensitive topics that greatly affect models in the industry. She also provides young models with the necessary information about modeling and the industry they are about to enter.

At the age of 16, Amanda decided to follow her passion and devote herself to the arts. She chose to chart a new course for him because of his intense passion for the arts. Eager to become an actress, Amanda enrolled in the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. Less than a year after attending her new school, she came into contact with a well-known makeup artist, Susie Sollis.

It was Susie who introduced her to a renowned modeling agency, Unique Model Management. Amanda took a break from her acting career and focused on her new modeling career. She was immediately signed on as a model and started working on projects around the world. In her field of activity, she was able to travel around the world and work in various locations including Paris, London, Milan and New York.

Her career as a model was extremely successful and opened her eyes. Amanda is keen to share her knowledge on how she managed to rise to the top of an industry filled with so many competitors. In her new book, she chose to discuss themes that significantly affect young models, including racism, nepotism and sexual abuse. Amanda shines the spotlight on these topics because these topics should not be taken for granted.

Amanda shares her knowledge of how young models can get more bookings, find great agencies, and better navigate the world of modeling. She shares some tips and tricks she learned through trial and error to help young models on their journey. Amanda is a firm believer in unleashing the potential of people.

As a passion project, she wants this book to be the guide that will help models build successful careers. Amanda plans to start an online model life coaching program. She plans to build a team of experts, photographers and agents who will help her bring this project to fruition. Through this, she plans to reach many aspiring models around the world who are in need of guidance and would like to learn more about the modeling industry.

“Win The Runway” comes out on June 15the 2021.

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