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MUNISING, Mich (WJMN) – The US Coast Guard this week hosted an exercise called Superior Shield in Munising Bay. This exercise gave law enforcement agencies the opportunity to practice various threats involving vessels in a body of water.

“So everyone got together, we designed the scenario, and then we practice every part of it.” LT. Daniel J Rynard, the public information officer for the exercise, said. “It was a full-scale exercise, which meant that for this particular scenario, we approach the ship as we would, we embark marking our law enforcement to deal with the threat. And then from there we moved on to some recipes and then the mock triage victim. “

Michigan State Police have set up their mobile command center to participate in this exercise.

“It’s a mobile command vehicle,” MSP Officer Scott Schlehuber said. “It’s a mix of command, there’s a conference room up front and then it’s actually the dispatcher area.

The mobile command center has the capacity to bring law enforcement closer to the scene of emergencies while maintaining the daily operations necessary to assist in the event of an incident.

“We have regular consuls and expedition consuls as you can see on this screen right there,” Officer Schlehuber said. “This allows this monitor to have multiple focus groups, we call them as a channel, similar to a 911 center.

This mobile command center is one of three of the Michigan State Police. Currently, no mobile command center is permanently stationed in the UP

“I have the MCV1 parked at Cadillac, but there are currently discussions about eventually parking this one at Marquette,” said Schlehuber.

The mobile command center is fully equipped to act as a mobile headquarters when needed. The vehicle is equipped with everything, from dispatch consuls to wifi, air conditioning, even a mini kitchen with a coffee maker.

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