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AIM Project sets sail for Figures Modeling Alberton

Models of Figures Modeling Alberton recently participated in the Project AIM cruise.

The Project AIM convention was delayed due to the Covid pandemic, but finally took place aboard the MSC Orchestra cruise to the Portuguese islands this year.

Figures Model Finesse International founder Elsa van den Heever started the AIM project in 2008.

Project AIM is a professional convention held annually and has become a prestigious leader in putting budding new talent on the radar for over 15 local and international talent agents and casting directors.

This convention has grown exponentially over the years with an impressive number of students competing each year.

Figures Model International Agency was fortunate to have over 270 students attend the convention this year.
Van den Heever and his team of Figures branch owners named these students based on their individual talents.

Erika van der Heever, branch manager of Alberton Figures, said: “Figures students are encouraged to enter the competition to showcase their modeling skills and talents in front of a panel of talent agents and casting directors. .

Models from Figures Modeling Alberton posing for a group photo on the Project AIM cruise. The models were divided into different age groups. Photo: provided.

“This is a unique opportunity where agents from South Africa and overseas seek new talent in a protected, focused, condensed and structured environment. Talent scouts offer students the opportunity to sign contracts for magazines, TV shows, films and fashion work nationally and internationally.

Different competitions are held during the four-day cruise with the students, their branch owners, supporters, and talent scouts being extremely busy.

These competitions are: Fashion Teams, Closed-Set TV Advertising, TV Commercial Beauty, Cold Reading, Jeans, Commercial Printing and Runway, Talented Singers and Dancers, Swimwear, Poses, Makeup, and Animal Kingdom.

Numbers Alberton had 15 students who participated in the AIM 2022 project.

The students did very well and thoroughly enjoyed the exposure this convention gave them.

Some of Alberton’s winners and honorable mentions include Elizabeth Coetzee, Ziané van Staden, Ariana van Staden, Preya Govender, Preyashan Govender, Leora Holl, Remorapetse Seakamela, Kayla Plowright, Genevieve Durwin-Smith, Sherry-lee Olivier, Bronwyn Labuschagne, Danica Joubert, Shannon French and Alicia de Lange.

Models from Figures Modeling Alberton posing for a group photo on the Project AIM cruise. Photo: supplied.

Melanie van den Heever, owner of Figures Alberton, said, “I want to thank parents and students for their consistency and dedication to the branch and the work it has taken to help prepare the candidates for convention.

If you’d like to participate in the next AIM project for a chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip, Figures is currently holding open castings for as-yet-unrepresented models in an area near you. They are looking for the next international model of the year.

For more information by e-mail, [email protected] or contact 083 446 9442 and the relevant information will be sent to you for hearing.