Advait Kelkar – An engineer who becomes a well-known role model.

Advhave Kelkar is an Indian model and blogger. He was born on September 4e 1998, in Pune. He made his educated in Pune, and he has graduate with his Bachelors mechanical engineering degree from the University of Pune.

he goes to pursue a MS degree at Virginia TechUniversity. In college, he was modeling.He first gave an audition for Central, which is the main sponsorship company. Of primary, he collaborated with Lee-Cooper and Gillette. He possessesworked with many big brands like Calvin Klein, Lee Cooper, UMM and Gillette as a model and blogger.

But WAt the start of his modeling career he had to face a lot of rejection in this area, but he didn’t give up until the end. and now he’s a professional model, lifestyle blogger and influencer. It taught her to be confident in all aspects of her life.

Be an influencer and blogger, he has a natural tendency to understand different lifestyles, people, see what is good in them and what is good for them. He is also a national level badminton player, and that has taught him for ever give up and work hard to achieve goals.

He has aI also gave ‘Goethe Institute, ‘German exam A-1, and possesses pastd with good grades. He wishedcontribute to the community and remember his mother telling he who, “Helping others is the rent we have to pay to live on this beautiful planet“. This declaration possesses had a significant impact on him.

He worked as an active volunteer of the Rotary Club, where they work for the improvement of society as a whole. They organize blood drives, food drives, provide safety masks, etc.

In his tenure as club secretary, they won the award for the best community service club in the district, which was a great honor. In the future, he would like to use his skills and abilities to help the less privileged in the community. His goal in life is to become an industrialist and help people by making affordable clothes, food, etc.

He wants give them the life they wanterve, and as a human being, try his better to doThis world is a better place. Advhave possesses a tenacity to never give up, and that’s what separates him from others. Even if he has received several refusals in his life, he never givess on his dreams, and as a result, he’s a professional model these days.

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