7’s HERO: U.S. Army Reservist crowned Miss Idaho 2021

Torres will represent the State of Idaho and the United States Army at Miss America in 2021. She will undoubtedly be a role model for women and girls across the country.

BOISE, Idaho – Ayriss Torres, a woman from eastern Idaho, entered the Miss Idaho pageant as Miss Bonneville County in June. Ultimately, Torres was crowned Miss Idaho and is expected to represent Gem State at the Miss American pageant in December.

“I really am a girl from Idaho,” Torres told KTVB. “I was born and raised in the same community I come from. I love the mountains, I love to hike and fish, and I love people.”

The Idahoan born and raised said winning the title of Miss Idaho was a dream come true.

“I had such an overwhelming sense of community and so much love and support behind me,” she said. “I had no expectations of winning, honestly.”

Not only will Torres represent Idaho on the main stage in December, but she will also represent the U.S. military.

In addition to studying political science, law, and finance at Idaho State University (ISU), Torres is a reservist in the military. She enlisted two years ago at the age of 19.

Reservists are stationed near their homes and are only deployed to international stations if called up on active duty. This allows them to pursue their careers or studies while training close to home.

“I am a specialist in civil affairs, I am a 38 Bravo, this is my [military occupational specialty]”Torres explained.” If I were to be deployed, my role would be to coordinate humanitarian efforts and work as a liaison between the United States and foreign nations after a war or national disaster. I become the person who goes to those communities and talks to them about what they need and what the United States can do for them, and how we can coordinate the delivery of relief to an area or community. specific. ”

Serving in the military means a lot to Torres.

“The value of service and the value of giving my life for someone is completely my motto from now on,” she said.

This year’s Miss America pageant will feature two more women serving in the military, which is very rare.

“I never knew anyone who won a state title while in active service, until a week before my coronation, when Miss District of Columbia and Miss Colorado were also crowned,” Torres said. “They’re also both actively serving in the military right now. I think it’s so amazing, I think it’s the year of the woman in the military. We’re going to do amazing things and show just how great we love and care for our country. “

Torres will carefully prepare for Miss America so that she is 100% ready to compete, and the military is ready to help in any way they can. However, she said her priorities are very clear.

“The military goes first, and we get to a great training here and we focus on training and being successful, and then I know they’re going to give me so much support when I go to Miss America,” Torres says. . “I would love to be in the top 15, but honestly the sky is the limit with such an incredible community behind me.”

Torres is very passionate about human rights and helps communities in Idaho bridge the wealth gap between gender, race and generation through her organization, The Equity Project. She can’t wait to bring her passion on the national stage to Miss America.

“I just think it’s amazing to be a part of Miss America’s 100th birthday,” Torres said. “Having this experience is truly a once in a lifetime.”

Torres is also very dedicated to our veterinarians and she is very happy to announce a new position for the American Veterans Association at the ISU. Torres will be the post commander, and she can’t wait to start working to help our veterans.

Ayriss Torres was born and raised in Pocatello, ID of Richard Torres and Melissa Wright. She has two younger brothers, Treyl Torres (19) and Beckam Torres (14).

Ayriss started dancing at The Dance Factory at the age of 15 months and has danced pre-professionally in jazz, hip hop, clogging, ballet, tap dance and musical theater, holding national titles from dance in several convention systems. Ayriss was also chosen to represent Idaho in the book Dance Across the USA, depicting dancers modeling in national parks in each state.

Ayriss attended Grace Lutheran School in Pocatello until Grade 7, then went to Alameda Middle School. Ayriss also attended Highland High School and was part of the National Society of High School Scholars. Ayriss received the Presidential Academic Award and was an Idaho State Journal Academic Allstar. Ayriss got her GED at 18 and started working at Pocatello.

Ayriss started competing in the Miss America system at the age of 15, holding the titles of Miss Gate City’s Outstanding Teen 2016, Miss Gate City 2018, and Miss Bonneville County 2020. Ayriss won second place in Miss Idaho’s Outstanding Teen in 2017, and also received the Miss Idaho Bert Parks Award, the Miss Idaho Community Service Award and the Four Points of the Crown Award.

While in the Miss America organization, Ayriss served as an Ambassador for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, Pocatello Kind Community Organization, Forward Edge Humanitarian, and the American Veterans Association.

Ayriss enlisted in the U.S. Army at age 19 as a 38B Civil Affairs Specialist, earning an Advanced Rank promotion in Basic Training, as well as another Advanced Promotion at MOS School. , graduated from JFK Special Warfare Center & School on the commander’s roster. Ayriss is currently attending Idaho State University studying Political Science / Pre-Law and Finance, and is on the Dean’s List for the College of Arts & Letters.

Ayriss is also a Consumer Credit Officer at the Idaho Central Credit Union, and is very passionate about financial education and helping Idaho communities bridge the wealth gap between genders, races and generations through to his organization, The Equity Project.

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