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Model Oren B. Segal Shares What It Takes To Dominate The Industry

By story console The modeling and fashion industries are difficult to enter and even harder to become an icon. With the large number of professionals in the field, it is difficult to get job opportunities, let alone stand out from other fashionistas. However, focusing on the extreme competitiveness of the fashion world will only limit […]

Fashion model

Model accused of stealing cologne in Dillard’s Green Hills – Christian Swett – Scoop: Nashville

Christian Swett, 19, walked the catwalks at Nashville Fashion Week, VIP Mixers for the Mayor and stages in Los Angeles. However, earlier this month he ended up in Davidson County Jail. Swett was given a pending 2020 warrant, which identified him as the person who stole a $ 150 packet of Chanel cologne from Green […]

Fashion model

Model Misho Amoli’s incredible journey to fame

The fashion world is often associated with glamor, sophistication and perfection, with models being considered the golden standard of beauty. In recent years, however, the industry has slowly evolved into a more natural and shared view of everyday life with the emergence of younger, more outspoken role models. Misho Amoli is one of those new […]

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The “Squid Game” Star Tapped Into Her Modeling Career To Develop Her Character

“Squid Game” star Jung Ho-yeon said she used her modeling career to help him develop her character. Model-turned-actress Jung Ho-yeon portrayed Kang Sae-byeok in the hit Netflix original series. She said she channeled the “competitive” nature she felt on “Korea’s Next Top Model” to understand Sae-byeok. Loading Something is loading. Model-turned-actress Jung Ho-yeon of the […]