12 Korean celebrities who never want to get married

We don’t know if it’s Asian, but when we reach a certain age we are naturally supposed to get married and have children. These days, however, marriage isn’t really a necessity anymore as more millennials embrace being single.

In one countries like South Korea, getting married is not easy, especially for celebrities. Their life depends on their status. Apparently, for most Korean celebrities, being in a relationship could negatively affect their popularity. Hence, many of them end up lying about their status to maintain their economic advantages.

That said, some Korean celebrities have publicly stated that they feel comfortable being single and are not under any pressure to rush into marriage. Looked:


Source: Pop Buzz

K-Pop idols have a standard of beauty that they must adhere to. Male idols generally fall under the category of twinks. Not Wonho (이호석) though. Former Monsta X (몬스타 엑스) idol is a big hunk and always teases his washboard abs whenever he gets the chance! Girls want him and guys want to be like him.

But the muscular idol has his own valid reasons for staying celibate. He shared in the past that he doesn’t want to get married. Instead, he has his younger brother to continue the family line. The 28-year-old idol said: “I am not interested in getting married. I never thought about it. But my brother is going to get married and continue the family line so I’m not too worried ”.

Jung Hyuk

Source: Allkpop

South Korean model Jung Hyuk (정혁) is known to model under Esteem Models. At the age of 16, he started modeling in earnest. He is currently promoting as a model and TV personality. In August 2019, Jung Hyuk revealed that he refuses to marry due to trauma. He shared his heartbreaking story on the Korean talk show, “The Quack Philosophers”.

The model has revealed that he is to stay with his father after his parents divorce. Jung Hyuk mentioned that his father was always busy earning money and hardly paid him any attention. He apologized, “I envied my friends who could be with their parents. I think that because of these resentments, I decided not to marry again in the future “.

Sunny (Generation Girl)

Source: Wow Keren

It’s hard to decide on marriage if you don’t even have a type, plan, or goal. Marrying someone on the spur of the moment can lead to regret. Girl’s Generation (소녀 시대) member Sunny (써니) has repeatedly stated that she has no desire to marry anyone because she does not feel fit for marriage. She even jokes mentionned that she wasn’t “Firm or wise enough to marry!” “.

Jiho (Oh my girl)

Source: Zapzee

Privacy is a precious commodity, especially for Oh My Girl (오마이 걸) member Jiho (지호). The female idol of K-Pop has said she had no idea about marriage and wants to live alone without being burdened by marriage.

Kim Hye-Soo

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Famous Korean veteran actress Kim Hye-Soo (김혜수) has revealed that she doesn’t mind being single. The 50-year-old actress said: “It might be nice to live as a bride in the family, but it would be better if you lived for yourself”. Being in a previously committed relationship, Hye-Soo feels her priorities have changed over the years.


Kim Seo Hyung

Source: Korea Channel

It’s no secret that some celebrities have spent their entire lives climbing the career ladder and maintaining it is no small feat, especially if you are an older woman in showbiz. . For Korean actress Kim Seo-Hyung (김서형), marriage never crossed her mind the way it is “already married to work”. Following her most iconic performance in the hit K-Drama series “Sky Castle” (SKY 캐슬), she released 2 projects last year, and 2 more this year.

Moon Geun-Young

Source: Kpop Music

Korean actress Moon Geun-Young (문근영) has always been very goal-oriented. The 33-year-old former woman said that while she could probably still pursue her dreams as a married woman, she “would feel bad for [her] potential spouse and children ”for being away too often.


Source: Koreaboo

Getting married and raising a family takes a lot of money. When she appeared on the popular variety show “Knowing Bros” (아는 형님), she expressed that she had always dreamed of being a chaebol (a large industrial conglomerate that would be run by a southern owner or family. -Korean) when she was young.

When Super Junior (슈퍼 주니어) Heechul (희철) suggested that her future children could be chaebols instead, Yeonwoo said she didn’t believe in marriage and was happy to be single. The former MOMOLAND member (모모 랜드) even exclaimed how intimidating it would be if she were to be responsible for her family’s finances.

Luda (Cosmic Girls)

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It’s pretty common to see celebrity couples filing for divorce these days. For Cosmic Girl (우주 소녀) Luda (루다), she could easily avoid being another statistic on rising divorce rates. In his opinion, marriage is not always permanent, “Because eternity does not exist”. In his experience, all good things come to an end. Maybe Luda was burned in the past and the scars are still fresh …


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In January 2021, Jaejae (이은재) appeared on “Problem Child in the House” (옥탑방 의 문제 아들) to share her thoughts on marriage. JaeJae claimed that she “never thought of marriage” and how “Marriage is a choice given to us by the domain of society”. Often people get married not for love, but to promote each other’s status. This kind of arrangement doesn’t end well, does it?

Yeeun (HA: TFELT)

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Former Wonder Girl (원더걸스) member Yeeun (예은), who now goes by her solo name HA: TFELT (핫 펠트), previously shared:

I don’t have the confidence to get married. I will have a happy married life if I meet someone who is a good match for me. There was a time when I was younger when I was really trying to find a good person, but I have given up now. I consider myself more important and valuable now. I think you shouldn’t go out with someone you think needs to be taken care of. A lot of people around me are getting married. It is still too early to think about marriage. I have a lot of things to do and I want to focus on myself. “

Han So Hee

Source: Preview

Playing “the other woman” who had an affair with a married man in the hit drama “Bride and Groom” (부부 의 세계) gave Han So Hee (한소희) a new perspective on marriage. She explains: “I don’t think I can get married. It’s not just because of adultery. Between the characters, Go Ye Rim and Son Jae Hyuk, there was suspicion, anxiety, mistrust, and a sense of deprivation in their marriage. The drama depicts the detailed process of a family falling apart. I’m starting to wonder if I can ever get married on my own. “

Sources: Allkpop, Koreaboo.

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