10 Little Known Facts About Elizabeth Hurley’s Only Son

Elizabeth Hurley gave birth to her son in 2002, naming him Damian Hurley.

English actress Elizabeth Hurley is known for her cheeky and iconic performances in Austin powers and Bedazzled. Hurley was largely an unknown actress early in her career, but her celebrity status surged in 1987 when she started dating Hugh Grant. After dating for nearly eight years, she and Grant were embroiled in a scandal after they solicited a prostitute in 1995.

Her choice of men didn’t really improve after her split from Hugh Grant, as she dated American billionaire Steve Bing. When Hurley got pregnant, Bing said he had no intention of supporting the child, even cutting it out of his will before the baby is even born. Elizabeth Hurley gave birth to Bing’s son in 2002, naming him Damian Hurley. Now a 19-year-old boy, here are 10 little-known facts about Elizabeth Hurley’s only son.

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ten He has been modeling since the age of 13

Following in his mother’s footsteps, Damian is a current model and public figure. He started modeling at the age of 13 for Pink House Mystique, one of Lotty Bunbury’s independent brands. Damian is currently signed with the modeling agency, Tess Management.

9 He is an actor

Damian attacks his mother in several ways. After taking off from his modeling career, he was thrown on the E! Network show The Royals in 2016. His mother was also chosen for the series and he was able to work alongside her. Damian played the role of Hansel von Liechtenstein, a young prince.

“I took the first eight years of his acting life away from him so that I could be home with Damian, but it turns out being on set is where he’s happiest,” he said. Elizabeth said about her work with Damien on The Royals. “He loves reading scripts, browsing everyone’s lines and soaking up everything. The role of Prince Hansel of Liechtenstein was written especially for him and I was amazed at how good he was. “

8 He has several famous godfathers

Because her mother is a famous celebrity, he has many famous family figures, including several famous godparents. The list includes Elton John, Denis Leary, Hugh Grant and David Beckham. In 2002, they all attended the baptism of their godson.

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7 He lived in Australia

Despite being an English family, Damian and Elizabeth Hurley lived in Australia. Elizabeth used to date Australian cricketer Shane Warne. Warne and Hurley were in a committed relationship together for three years, even getting engaged before going their separate ways.

6 He has a stepsister

Damian’s dad Steve Bing fathered another child with a different woman. It is not known if Damian and his half-sister, Kira Kerkorian, are in a sibling relationship or if they have ever contacted each other. Despite being Steve Bing’s biological children, he cut them both off from his will.

5 His father committed suicide

Damian’s father committed suicide last year at the age of 55. Bing had been battling depression for years and had even entered a period of financial hardship. Last June, Damian posted on social media of his father’s passing, writing: “It is a very strange and confusing time and I am extremely grateful to be surrounded by my phenomenal family and friends.”

4 Her mom’s favorite movie is ‘Austin Powers’

Elizabeth hurley

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In an interview with You magazine, Damian Hurley confessed to having a mom’s favorite movie. Unsurprisingly, this is his most popular film, Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. “Austin Powers is my favorite of the mom movies,” he explains. “I watched it when I was very young and didn’t realize how rude it was.”

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3 He is close to his mother

Damian and Elizabeth Hurley have a very close relationship, which is probably due to the fact that they are just the two as a family unit. They often post pictures of themselves on Instagram and have even described themselves as best friends.

2 It has a distinctive look

Damian’s signature look is her long brown locks, which her fans adore and adore. While filming an upcoming project, a photo of him with a shaved head leaked on the Internet. The look was such a controversial topic among her followers that they ended up posting it on Instagram. He writes: “Update lol: i love you guys so much hahaha but i am not bald. These are prostheses for a new lmao project but thank you [sic] for cute comments. Tried to do it for real now.

1 He won a legacy battle against his grandfather

Steve Bing, Damian’s father, fought in court to make sure his children, Damian and Kira, receive their inheritance from Steve Bing’s father. Damian was ruled in court in July 2019 as a legitimate beneficiary of his millionaire grandfather’s trust. Bing blamed the legacy battle on his sister Mary, saying she was coordinating with her father to “orchestrate a huge cash grab.”

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